Birthday celebration

Birthday Cheesecake

So, it was my birthday a little over two weeks ago.
I didn’t  get to take the day of from work, but my co-workers took me out to a nice birthday lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and I go my first piece of birthday cake of the day – Original New York Cheesecake. Yum.

Later, I came home to a bunch of birthday cards and packages.

You know, the fact that I usually can’t celebrate my birthday with the people that are near and dear to my heart sucks on a regular basis, but a huge pile of birthday mail usually makes partially up for it.

Birthday present: beautiful necklace

I got a beautiful necklace from my dear friend Kim. I mean, could you think of any pendants  that would suit me more than a (half) globe and a camera? I know. It’s perfection!

Birthday present: Photoshop CS5 for Dummies

I received the book “Photoshop for Dummies”, which was actually on my Amazon Wishlist and I am so glad my friend snatched it up for me :) Now I have to get serious with my new Photoshop CS5!

Birthday present: L'Occitane gift set

My friend from Australia sent me this very nice gift set from L’Occitane. If you know me, you know I love the L’Occitane stuff, which in turn means that my friend knows me very well!

My parents and sister pitched in to help me upgrade my camera. I think I am going to go with this additional lens.


J got me an electric bread knife (which might seem unimaginative to some, but if you know my love for bread and are aware of the fact that I had complained about not being able to cut even slices from a fresh loaf of bread with a regular knife, you’ll understand that J had listened very carefully to what my little heart truly desired!) and he took me out to dinner over the weekend.
We also had a nice movie night on my actual birthday and (finally!) watched “Inception”. Loved the movie!

There were also a  few more presents that are not pictured here… a book, a photo album, cosmetics, gift cards, and a whole bunch of birthday cards and emails.

Thank you all for thinking about me on my birthday! It did make me feel special.

  1. Happy birthday (again)! And I am in love with that necklace. I know it’s a birthday gift to you and as such it holds a certain uniqueness but- I need to find out where it’s from and get one for myself. :D

  2. I am glad that you have a lovely birthday. That cheesecake looks so delicious and I love all the thoughtful gifts.

  3. Did he get you a German bread slicer and not an American one? I love the German ones the very best!

  4. What a lovely birthday, and such thoughtful gifts! I adore the necklace!

  5. Awww! What a great birthday and amazing gifts! :)

  6. Just found your space from Campfire Chic… and wanted to drop by and say hello.

    You should DEFINITELY get the 50mm 1.8. You will love it. My Tamron 2.8 zoom lenses are still on my camera more than my prime lenses, but I do love my 50mm. :-)

  7. Happy belated birthday! lol That cheesecake looks amazing :) Oh and inception..great movie. I think I need to watch it 1,000 more times to fully get what was going on however :)

  8. Seems like a great day! Love all your presents, but especially the electric bread knife!! I can’t cut even bread slices either…they always end up too thin on one side and too thick on the other! So, I totally get your happiness about that!
    Happy Monday love! xxx

  9. i adore the necklace, it is so cute! and and fun and yes and yay birthdays!

  10. I’m so happy to hear you had a great birthday and, girl, you made out! :)

  11. Hope you had a great Birthday. That necklace is lovely!

  12. YAY on the possibility of getting new lens which you definitely should! Glad to hear you had a great Birthday. :)

  13. Happy Very Belated Birthday!
    Looks like you got some fun stuff for gifts- I look forward to seeing some of the photos you take!

  14. You made out really well! Looks like you got a wide variety of gifts, all serving their own purpose in your life. You’re going to looove the 50mm lens! It allows for so much creativity and countless pretty pictures.

  15. happy birthday!

    what fantastic gifts! i love that necklace.

  16. That necklace is totally adorable! And happy belated birthday, again!

  17. I love your new gifts!! That globe necklace is SO pretty! And definitely very you. OOH and what a fun lens! My 50mm is my favorite lens and is on my camera about 80% of the time. There is so much you can do with it and I am constantly discovering it. :D Hehe. Fun! I’m so happy you had a good birthday. <3

  18. Great presents! I’m glad you had such a good birthday, even though the distance sucks… I know.

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it was a great time!

  20. wow special presents for a special girl. Well deserved. Cake looks delicious and now i want some!!!! <3

  21. WOW! I LOVEEEE that necklace! Do you know where your friend got it! It is perfect for me, too! Happy birthday lady, thanks for stopping by my blog today =)

  22. oh i cannot believe i haven’t commented here. i’m so glad you like the necklace. i saw it and KNEW it was so you. <3

    PS (san, do not look!) here's where i got the necklace:–Globetrotter-Silber-Vintage-Kette

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