Things you didn’t know… (or maybe you did?)


I am :  a lover of genuineness.
I think : it’s time to reevaluate certain things.
I know : that I have the best family and friends anyone could ask for.
I have
: a low tolerance for passive-aggressiveness.
I wish : I wouldn’t overthink every little thing.
I hate : being late.
I miss : my niece and nephew.
I fear : I can never live up to my own expectations.
I hear : my fingers hitting the keyboard.
I smell : fresh coffee.
I crave : alone time.
I search : for bargains when I shop.
I wonder : when I will finally stop chasing my own tail.
I regret : having let people in that were bound to let me down.
I love : Christmas!
I ache : after a good workout… but in a good way ;)
I am not : good at letting things go.
I believe : that (almost) every person is good at heart.
I dance : when I am happy.
I sing : from the top of my lungs at concerts.
I cry : when watching romantic movies.
I fight : for my part of the blanket at night.
I win : in the friends’ department.
I lose : my patience only on rare occasion.
I never : listen to unsolicited advice.
I always : try to see the positive, rather than the negative.
I confuse : superficiality with friendliness sometimes.
I listen : to podcasts before I go to bed.
I can usually be found : crafting, reading, blogging, or couching (and yes, that’s a word :)).
I am scared : of horror movies.
I need : a big hug!
I am happy about : going to see my family for Christmas!
I imagine :  that most of you guys learned something about me  that you didn’t know.

Tell me something about YOU that I didn’t know!

  1. Okay I: clearly need to wear my glasses because I read “I am : a lover of geniuses” and I was all ME TOO… lol :)

    We have lots and lots in common here!
    .-= Emily Jane blogged this: BIG NEWS- Someone has stolen the real Emily Apparently- I’m in GLEE… =-.

  2. I think we have the same fear. I struggle with that as well. :)

  3. Unlike you, I lose in the friends’ department.
    .-= Stefanie blogged this: Shaping up =-.

  4. I like that word “couching”.
    .-= Lauren blogged this: Snail Mail Monday =-.

  5. Oh, I love this! Mind if I borrow?
    .-= Suburban Sweetheart blogged this: All I Want for Christmas =-.

  6. I have: known the greatest happiness and the greatest sadness in life.

  7. I also have zero tolerance for passive-aggressive people; it’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves.

  8. sending you a big, fat hug (and something else. in the mail. should get there any day now. :))
    .-= kim blogged this: busy days these days =-.

  9. Oh, yay! You do get to go home for Christmas!

  10. Ahhh, I love this! Especially:

    “I fear : I can never live up to my own expectations.”

    Ohhh, goodness. I know *exactly* how you feel. Such a great blog post idea, San. I just might have to steal it. :)
    .-= Hannah blogged this: It is in the transformation =-.

  11. This is great! I’m so excited you get to see your family at Christmas!
    .-= Jen L. blogged this: Breathe in- Breathe out =-.

  12. We have many similarities. Many.

    Something about me you might not know? I am more deeply affected by events and situations around me than I let on.

  13. I’ve always been more afraid of losing my mind than death or being alone.
    BIG hug for you!
    .-= Jen blogged this: Venus =-.

  14. (hug) :)
    I am not good at letting things go either.
    .-= Karen blogged this: Ego Boosted =-.

  15. “I sing : from the top of my lungs at concerts.”

    The best concerts I’ve ever been to are the ones where the entire audience is singing along, as loud as they can, to all the songs.
    .-= terra blogged this: Grief is a strange thing =-.

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