Things I love Thursday

the beach
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This week I am loving…

… the news of yet another friend that is pregnant!

… a walk at the beach last weekend, when I spent some time with my MIL in SoCal.

… the feeling of accomplishment by providing assistance (through my work) to the Japanese emergency response team in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami  for the last two weeks.

… fresh, hot coffee.

… that my niece kisses and pets my sister’s iPhone when we talk through Skype. It’s the cutest little thing to see how excited she gets when she sees me on the screen.

… listening to German podcasts during my workouts.

… memories of my Granddad, who died a little over a year ago. Sometimes I still wait for him to call on the weekends. He’d always call around the same time and it was just so comfortably predictable. I miss him.

… a new crafting project.

… hot showers in the morning. (It’s the only way to get me going.)

… my strange addiction to watching “Animal Hoarding”. It’s fascinating and unfathomable at the same time. How can some people live with 85 cats in a small two-bedroom house?

… sweet and heart-felt emails from far away friends.

… the fact that my parents will be here in exactly 4 months!

… the prospect of moving into a new apartment soon. (We’ve started looking for a new place and even though we haven’t found the place yet, I am hopeful that we’ll be moving in the next couple of months! And I can’t wait!)

… belated birthday mail!

…the beginning of spring. (If it would only start getting a little warmer and if the rain could stop, that would be awesome!)

What are you loving this week?

  1. So many things to be thankful for! I wish I could be a morning shower person, but I start work at 715 and my hair would take a long time to straighten… and I barely function as it is that early!

  2. So happy that your parents will visit this year! And I can’t get over Gretas calls, literally picturing it! Thumbs crossed for the move, it’s always exciting and a fresh start!

  3. Oh, you’re going to move?? That’s a bit exciting, right?? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you find a wonderful new home!!
    Haha, and yes. I’m not a morning-shower-person either. I take way too lang after the shower to get ready, I just love it to take my time then… ;-)


  4. Love this post!
    So jealous of your walk on the beach! I miss the beach!!!

  5. A walk on the beach sounds delightful! I love walking right at the edge of the waves and seeing your footprints behind you. Can’t wait for my next trip to the ocean!!

  6. Good luck with the apartment hunt! I am sure the perfect place will come along soon.

  7. We had a day of sunshine that brought up the start of spring flowers near our town hall. I’ve also been enjoying the brightness. Longer periods of sunshine!

  8. Good luck with tje apartment hunt!!! I am crossing allmy fingers and toes that you two find a nice affordable place soon. Btw, who is pregnant and what is MIL?

  9. I love that about your niece. :) Also, good luck finding an apartment!

    I’m loving the way my nephew looks up at me when I hold him.

  10. fingers are crossed for the apartment hunt. i’m wishing you the most comfy, bright, cosy place ever. and one with a nice guestroom. heh.

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