Baseball Season is here!!

Oh my freakin’ god, did you guys see the Boston Red Sox’s Jacoby Ellsbury’s home steal in the game against the Yankees last night?? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Ok, now, after you let out your collective sighs (because I know some of you think that watching baseball is the most boring thing in the world), I need to tell you: I’m thrilled, it’s Baseball Season!!

I don’t know how many of you know, but I played softball in a team myself for many years back in Germany (oh yes, we do have competitive baseball and softball leagues there – in case you didn’t know) and I miss it.  It’s a much more complicated and strenuous sport than some of you might think. We practised twice a week and had games practically every weekend during the summer months. It was a real commitment, but it was so much fun!!

I played many different positions – catcher, 3rd base, left field, but my favorite position was “catcher”. I guess, part of the fun was the whole protective gear that you got to wear (I was a little paranoid about getting hit in the face by the ball) and I also loved the “blocking”, throwing myself in the dirt ;) Hitting was fun, too. One year I got a “trophy” for being the 1998 batting champion *woohoo*.

I really wish I could still play (and before you suggest joining a “hobby softball team” here in the US – I hardly believe that this would be the same).

Watching baseball just makes me tingle and I am always looking forward to the start of the official baseball season. J and I are “Boston Rex Sox” fans, naturally. I was lucky enough to be able to go to a game at Fenway Park once when I was in Boston a couple of years ago.

Fenway Park

Even though I actually prefer to watch the games on TV (it’s much easier to follow), I will admit that the atmosphere at the baseball park is just amazing!

So, we watched Baseball all last weekend, and the Red Sox swept the New York Yankees in a three-game set which was just so pleasant to see, especially as they came back big time a couple of times after trailing behind in runs. Every time J was about to give up on them, I told him “juuust wait” and they came back with some amazing RBI-hits and clever base-running.

How can that NOT get you on your feet!?

  1. ahhhh….I LOVE baseball too! There is something just so summer about it – it brings back memories of every single summer of my life. I don’t get how anybody could think it was boring!

    Let’s see some softball pictures San!!

  2. I definitely want to see a game one day for real not only on TV.
    Perhaps when we are on our holiay in August, we will see.

  3. You’re a Red Sox Fan? I knew I liked you!!!! ;-)
    I love watching baseball to. Have you seen the movie “Fever Pitch”? If you’re a Sox fan you would enjoy it. It’s a light chick flick, but so much fun!
    Puppies are doing well. Everyone is gaining weight nicely!

  4. Okay, I have to say that my one-year stay in the US was not long enough a stay for me to understand the rules of either baseball or American football. I mean – I didn’t put any effort into learning them either. But I just had the hardest time following baseball – whereas in football you just figure if a guy has the ball and makes it beyond the touchdown line, that’s a good thing; cue Excessive Cheering. It’s easier to trick people into thinking you actually know what you’re talking about. Heh.

    I do love how essentially American baseball is. To me, at least. I mean my cousin plays softball over here in Germany, too, and there are baseball leagues all over the world. But baseball and football are so very American to me that I loved watching the games just for the event of it; all the great American traditions that come with it. :)

  5. I can’t remember the last time I actually watched a baseball game…they just seem sooooo l-o-n-g. I need a team to be passionate about and then maybe I won’t be so mindful of the time. :)

  6. I went to my first baseball game almost 2 years ago – Cleaveland Indians vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. And guess what – I caught a ball of Derek Anderson. Since this day I am hooked although I still have to learn a lot about the rules.

  7. Just found you through Apricot Tea – I think I have a new blog to be in love with!

    I used to watch baseball games all the time, my husband and I have season tickets to the minor league team here and every now and then we would drive to Minneapolis and watch a real game… I love those games so much, they’re just an incredible experience – especially coming from a city without a team!

  8. Oh Sandra, you’re so weird :-). Thats why I love you.

    I am sorry, but Baseball is the MOST BORING thing on earth to watch. Nothing really happens for HOURS. I have been to an A’s game in Oakland, just to check it out and I have to say the Atmosphere is nothing compared to a soccer or ice hockey game at home. Nothing. Maybe because you were playing it at home and you can relate to the players how it feels to be in the stadium on your position you like to watch it.

    I will see you Friday! Love you.

  9. I played softball myself too. I sucked though. :) I played it while being an exchange student. Because there wasn’t very many people trying out, I even made it in the Junior Varsity team. Haha. Those were good times though.

  10. Baseball…BLAH!! I am sooo one of those people you described that just can’t get into the whole baseball thing!

    I DO however, love going to the games and eating the food, drinking beer, and watching all the fans get riled up! It’s definitely a good time!!

    Now..Basketball and Football…that’s what I’M TALKING ABOUT!!! WOOT!!

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