I got tagged!

I got tagged by lovely Kim this morning and therefore I have to participate in this little meme:  

Here are the rules:
* Link to the person who tagged you – go blame Kim.
* Post the rules here – DONE!
* Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself – see below.
* Tag 7 random people at the end of the post, linking to them.
* Leave a comment on their blog so that they know they’ve been tagged.

1. I always pretend to be a coffee drinker. I talk about coffeeshops and the first coffee in the morning, when, in fact, I am a milk drinker. More than half of my coffee consists of milk and I like my coffee kind of ‘weak’.

2. I broke my right leg when I was 2. My Mom told me I stepped on a balloon and sprained my foot and had to wear a cast – that covered my whole leg from hip to toe! - for a couple of weeks. She also told me that I got pretty good at walking with it ;)

3. J thinks I am “typically” German in some ways… he calls me “bread and butter” sometimes, because that is what I could literally live off if I had to :)

4. I sometimes quite often think about the life I would have had, if I hadn’t gone to CA and hadn’t met J. Not because I don’t like what I have [because I do!!!], but just because I always wonder what would have been different, if I had made different decisions in the past. That applies to all areas of my life and I guess I am just a very curious person :)

5. I LOVE salt & vinegar chips. They are my most favorite snack of all time.

6. I am a person who likes a certain routine. I can get irritated if someone tries to boss me around or tells me how to do things. In order to feel balanced, I need to be able to follow my own routine [and if I may say so, that works pretty well for me].

7. I am constantly afraid and thinking about missing out on something. As much as I enjoy my life here in CA and would not want to trade it for anything right now, I do miss my family and friends and are constantly reminded of all the time that I can’t spend with them. It is hard sometimes.

That’s it. I hope it was entertaining :) … and I’m tagging Ute, Kerri, Viviane, Susi, Jenny, Stefanie, and Maribeth for some more entertainment. Have fun and let me know if you played :)

  1. Done! It’s below my TT, but it is there!

  2. Thanks for sharing, sweets! I can relate to so many of your points, like 1,3,4,6,7…mostly 4 and 7. I guess we emmigrants have that in common!

  3. I will play as soon as I have more time. ;)

    Oh an dby the way, I can also relate to points 4 and 7. Weird isn’t it…

  4. i can TOTALLY relate to #4. but i think a lot of people do that. even without emigrating or anything “exciting” happening. it’s scary to think about how sometimes one tiny decision [like going to that party in oldenburg almost eight years ago] can change your life forever :) and to #3, which is what makes my weightloss-mission not exactly easier…

    thanks for playing along, sweety ;)

  5. just to clarify: i didn’t mean that my decision back then was scary or wrong. i just mean thinking about HOW a tiny decision like that can change your life forever, that thought is scary. because what if you make the wrong decision?

  6. maribeth… thanks for playing.

    antje… i can imagine that you can relate to 4) and 7)… sigh.

    stefanie… take your time. i know you’re busy right now ;)

    kim… i know what you mean, sweetie. that’s exactly how i feel about decisions… it’s scary what implications those tiny little decisions can have on someone’s life!

  7. Interesting!!! Too funny about the bread and butter ;-).
    I hope when you review your decisions that you find you the right one. I think we’ll always wonder what the other outcome would have been. It’s like you pick a gate at a TV show and you almost wanna know even more what you did NOT get and are missing out on than what you are getting. But, I think you’re quite happy that you live in CA with Jon and not in Germany alone and heartbroken and with not that great of a job (because your job seems to rock).
    Now Nina’s hub just needs to start playing for the same team as Beckham does…. ;-)

  8. bread and butter is funny. i thought coffee and cake;-) im sure he had to have these a lot of times being in grevenbroich.
    i knew the coffee thing with you;-) hehe…and i will never forget when i made u have your first caipirinha. remember?;-)

  9. ok mauspups, hab mitgespielt. :) baby heult muss wech.

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