Retail therapy

I have so much to write about, so many stories and feelings I want to share from my short, but oh-so-precious and unexpected visit with my family.
The right words just still haven’t come to me yet.
While you’re waiting for me to come around with something more meaningful, I’ll entertain you with my spur-of-the-moment shoe purchase from yesterday.

I was out for a little Sunday afternoon shopping trip. You know the scenario.
You’re feeling kind of unnerved and edgy, but it’s nothing that a little retail therapy couldn’t cure. Quite frankly, for me it works like a charm every time.

Picture it.

I was walking through Nordstrom Rack with my cell phone pressed to my ear, talking rapidly in German with Kim and trying to make a decision about the armful of shoes that I had clamped under my arm. It surely must have been quite entertaining to watch. I think the guy at the shoe check-out was quite amused as well, what with the hand-gesturing and head-pointing.

Can’t you see I am too busy talking on the phone to follow proper shopping rules?
[Actually, I usually never ever do that – talk on the phone  at a check-out line. How rude. Phew!]

But alas, when my conversation came to an end, I also had made my decision about the shoes. Yep. I am a multi-tasker and I can do it anywhere!

These were the winners.

Report Halle tan

Cute, yes?

And here I was, thinking I didn’t like the latest style of flats. (In fact, I am somewhat picky when it comes to shoe styles.)
Obviously, you just have to present the right kind to me. The cute kind.
At 43% off.
And just like that I am a happy girl again :)

My sister would say: Those shoes are so Y.O.U.
Ahem, if you know me, you’d agree: quite true, so me!

  1. Those are adorable and I would totally where them myself. I love flats – pretty much any type – because heels are just not for me being almost the same height as Collin.
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..When the Army comes first. =-.

  2. Aww, I can totally see you wearing those!

  3. I love flats too but I’ve kind of big feet and I always think they don’t fit me as good as they should….But I understand that you treated yourself – buying shoes puts always a big smile on my face ;)

  4. oh i LOVE them. must have been the great conversation inspiring you ;) btw, you “forgot” to mention that the whole talking on the phone part went on for about an hour :D it was great though and i dito what you said in that email yesterday! HDAGGDL!
    .-= kim´s last blog ..Protected: perspectives =-.

  5. These flats are nice indeed.
    I just purchased a pair in a very intense light blue… I can’t wait to wear them when the weather gets warmer around here…
    .-= Deia´s last blog ..Friend Makin’ Monday =-.

  6. I love them. They really look great.
    We have spring like weather over here since last week and I so hope it will get warmer soon.
    I found a brilliant dress on the Internet and ordered it yesterday. I hope it will arrive soon.

  7. I love them!! So cute!!

  8. very cute shoes. i can’t wait to walk in something different than those sneakers that i am wearing for nearly 2 month since my surgery. i really hope i can wear some heels in may for a wedding. but good choice you made they are cute.

  9. Those shoes are so cute! I can’t walk in heels so I always wear flats or flipflops :)

  10. Gah! I love the idea of you rapidly speaking German on your Handy… I would be that strange person in line behind you listening while pretending not to to see how much I could understand. hehe.

    Your shoes are AH-DOREABLE! Loves it.

    1. I am always afraid of that person behind me who actually understands German!! ;)

  11. Very cute shoes!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..A year I never forgot =-.

  12. so cute! and SO flat! :)

  13. LOVE the shoes! You know, if I didn’t have to run some very important errands for our upcoming trip, I’d totally go shoe shopping at lunch. There’s a Nordstrom Rack a block away from my work!
    .-= Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks´s last blog ..Contest =-.

    1. A Nordstrom Rack a block away from your work? That is pure evil :)

  14. Those are so cute! I think the closest Nordstrom Rack is about two hours away from us…it’s right next to our closest Ikea next to a giant black hole where all my money goes.
    .-= terra´s last blog ..Well that was fast: March goes marching on =-.

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