11: Q & A with San

In my NaBloPoMo introductory post, I asked for people  to ask me questions and a handful of you did (thank you). I am going to answer these questions today. And if you didn’t have the chance to ask a question yet or just thought of one, the form is still open. Or, you can drop a question in the comments.)

Why are you so AMAZING??? <3 

Haha, whoever wrote this (I should have asked for the submitter’s names), THANK YOU. And the answer is: I don’t know, I guess I just am. *insertsassyhandtippingemoji*

Who are the people you’re most excited about in terms of the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls?

That’s a good question. I don’t think I’ve nailed down a front runner yet, but I am definitely most excited about Elizabeth Warren right now. I always liked her a lot and I feel like she’s genuinely interested in working for the people (she’s proven that over and over again as a Senator). I also very much agree with Bernie Sanders’ platform, although I am not sure that he’s the best candidate now. It’s difficult since there is such a vast field of candidates and we have to keep the question in mind “who can beat Donald Trump”? Obviously, I think anyone (and for sure, any of the Democratic candidates) is more qualified than Trump, but that alone – apparently – doesn’t win someone the presidency these days.

You’ve had your blog since 2004 which is awesome. Is it tricky to keep your online space your own while sharing your thoughts with fellow bloggers and readers from all over the world? I’m saving more of my personal posts to drafts instead of posting in case someone I know reads them and feel like I’m editing myself. What advice would you give bloggers for finding a balance?

My posts have definitely changed and shifted since the early days. Back in 2004, my blog was mostly an online diary to keep in touch with people overseas and let them know what’s going on in my daily life. I am still writing about my daily life, but the format of my posts have definitely shifted. I definitely know the dilemma of how much to share and what to keep personal. There are many, many drafts that don’t make it onto the blog. However, I feel that personal posts are important to connect with other people and to be authentic.

I always ask myself if it would bother me if there was someone out there who read my posts. If the answer is yes, I might re-work my post or leave it off the blog altogether (because in the end, I can’t control who finds my public blog and reads it). However, I don’t try to censor myself too much otherwise, because I want people to get a genuine picture of who I am and what this blog is about. One thing I have never done is try to adhere to other people’s “blog rules” to try and gain more followers, or try to run a “niche blog”. This is not what I want to do with this blog. I am here for genuine connections and making friends.

How do you like your new home?

I love it. Mostly. I mentioned before that selling our house last year and deciding to rent again was a decision I had mixed feelings about. I don’t want to lie, I do miss our house sometimes. We downsized, which is not always a bad thing, but we gave up a bedroom and our apartment is definitely not as nicely updated as our house was. (I still miss my kitchen every day!) But I also really love a lot about our new place. I love the neighborhood, I live (even) closer to my work, we still have a small backyard, a garage, and a driveway. Good news: I am (finally) planning to share a little apartment tour later this month (so come back for that!). 

Do you have any trips/vacations planned? If so, where to?

We just returned from Germany to visit my family and next weekend, we’re going down to SoCal to visit Jon’s family. I wouldn’t call it a vacation, as we’re only going for a few days, but it’s nice to be able to take  a weekend trip to see them. After that though, we haven’t nailed anything down, although we’re trying to decide on more weekend trips in the not too distant future.

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2019

  1. What an interesting idea for a post! I have a question that you might have answered in your blog already: Would you ever consider moving back to Germany? Or would you call the US your new “forever” home?

    1. Moving back to Germany is always on my mind and it’s definitely an option, but there are no concrete plans at this point.

  2. The 2020 presidential question is an interesting one. I used to be a Republican until that party went batsh!t crazy so now I would consider myself a moderate. So from my standpoint, I think the democratic party is best off selecting a candidate that would win the votes of people like me who are more in the middle versus really left-leaning. I think back to Obama and he was pretty moderate so I feel like the party needs someone like that. Even though Trump is a terrible person, he has a really motivated and loyal base and some people will grit their teeth and vote for him even though they can’t stand him since he’s pro-life, in favor of lower taxes, etc etc. I don’t love Joe Biden but I think he can beat Trump. I feel the same way about Amy Klobuchar. I’m not a fan of Warren or Sanders since they are sooo far to the left. But I would vote for them because either of them is better than Trump but I think there are a good amount of people who would not vote at all or would vote for Trump versus a really left candidate. But we’ll see what happens! I just can’t handle another 4 years of Trump.

    1. You make some good points. While I’d like a more left-leaning candidate, we have to keep in mind that what matters most is beating Trump. Sadly. But I can’t do 4 more years of Trump either.

  3. Fun! I like these type of posts. I’m trying to be more personal in the things that I talk about on my blog, but it can be tough. I know people in my real, everyday life read my blog so I don’t want to say too much sometimes. It’s a balance.


    1. Oh, it’s definitely a balance… but I also think sometimes just being honest and not caring what people might think is “refreshing”. too :)

  4. It’s such a balancing act to figure out what to post and what to keep private. It’s easier for me since I don’t have a partner to worry about right now, but I definitely try to make sure I’m only sharing my story and not anyone else’s.

    (P.S. Warren 2020!)

    1. Yes, that is a very good point: just sharing our own story and not anyone else’s is important.

  5. I am so excited to see a tour of your apartment. I don’t miss my big home at all and I also don’t miss owning a home. Renting a house feels more right in this stage in life and probably for a while until we settle down somewhere.

    1. I definitely miss the house, but I don’t miss owning it. ;) Renting is nice…

  6. Oh this was fun to read. I always wonder what Jon does for work but maybe that’s to personal. Also I’d love to hear more about your work. I think way back you promised to tell us more.

    1. I think I have posted about my work a couple of times in the past, but I could do a little update on this again.

      (P.S. Jon doesn’t work right now ;))

  7. Thank you for using one of my questions :) The whole what to share online vs keeping things private has weighed on my mind for SO long. Struggled with something that I kept writing about, then saving instead of posting. My hesitation was people who know me reading and judging. I’ve realised there could be others out there going through something similar. So I posted and although I’m nervous, I feel like my blog is my personal space. I should be allowed to share something weighing heavily on my heart.

    So glad you love your new home by the way! I need to go check out the tour!

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