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I apologize for not being able to cough up a decent post lately, but I am somehow at a loss of (written) words. It’s not that I don’t want to write, but the things that I want to write about are still blurry and unclear in my head and need some more time to develop into something blog-worthy.

However, here’s a quick update on what’s been going on over here:

The last two weeks were pretty crazy at work, what with a couple of deadlines and long hours over the weekend before last. In fact, I didn’t get much of a weekend at all and was really looking forward to last weekend bad!

* * *

On Sunday, I was in a crafty mood again and I made some more cards. I also got some mail ready to send out to some of you lovely people. So watch out, it might be you who can expect a little love from me in their mailbox!

* * *

I know it’s only September almost October and it might be a little too soon to talk about Christmas (especially considering that California has been blessed with temperatures around 100°F this week), but fact is that Christmas is only 3 months away and I need to start planning my next trip to Germany. Flights are ridiculously expensive though. I almost fell from my chair when I checked prices last week. $1500+? Seriously? What has the economy done to us poor expats that we can hardly afford a flight home?

* * *

My best friend from home informed me two days ago that her quarterly cancer check up was negative, which means she’s technically cancer free. I am not sure if I ever followed up with you after telling you about her having brain surgery and subsequent chemo treatment last year. The treatment and her recovery went really well, however, not all of the cancerous cells could ultimately be removed. The cells that remained are currently dormant and can, for all we know, be dormant forever. For now, this news makes me incredible happy and I wish I could go and hug her and tell her how much this news (and she as a person) means to me.

* * *

My Dad’s recovery is going well. I wanted to thank you all again for keeping him in your thoughts two weeks ago when he underwent hip surgery. Each and every well-wishing was very much appreciated. The surgery went entirely as planned and there were no complications. My Dad started rehabilitative physiotherapy already on Monday and is very eager to get back on his feet. Thanks again, lovelies.

      1. that is GREAT news about I. so happy to hear!
        also, miss you and i hope we can see each other again this year – one way or the other = over here or over there! *smooches*
        .-= kim´s last blog ..30 Days of Truth Day 02 =-.

      2. I am SO happy to hear about your friend and your Dad :)

        And I totally hear you on the crazy prices to visit home. We ended up spending about $4000 JUST on transportation to and around the UK! :(
        .-= Emily Jane´s last blog ..That time I got BANNED… =-.

      3. We never really know what tomorrow will bring. So, whether we’ve been healthy all our lives or have spent years battling disease … a healthy prognosis is always amazing news. Great to hear about your friend and your dad … they’re lucky to have you as a cheerleader on their sidelines.

      4. So glad to hear both the friend and the father are doing well and on the road to recovery!

        I had a dream I went back to Germany the other day. Wish I could slip in your suitcase and go with! Although with flights as expensive as they are, you don’t need me adding Too Heavy Luggage fees!

      5. I’ve been watching prices as well, as Hubby and I want to plan a trip to Australia in 2011. I cannot believe how much it costs to fly!
        Glad your dad and friend are both doing well.
        Hugs to you, San. You sound a wee bit down. I hope everything settles soon and you feel a little less bogged down!
        .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Happy Birthday- Uschi! =-.

      6. That is great news about your Dad and your friend!

        I am sorry that it is so expensive for your to fly home. Maybe they are waiting to see if people will actually book but then when no one does because it is so crazy expensive, they will reduce the price. We can only hope.

        I was in a crafty mood last weekend to try something new. It was something that I was thinking about doing for a few weeks. It was a BIG fail but I am glad I tried it.
        .-= Impossibly Alice´s last blog ..My New Challenge =-.

      7. Hey, I’m really glad to hear that your dad and your friend are doing ok after surgery and treatment! Woohoo!
        Going to Germany around Christmas….way to expensive. I’ll cross my fingers that you’ll find a cheaper flight!
        I have only 3 more weeks before we go on our vacation. This time it’s something totally new for us! ;)

      8. Great news about your friend and your dad. It’s always so tough to be away when loved ones are ill or undergoing medical procedures.
        I’m also starting to think about Christmas and sending cards and reserving tickets… it’s just around the corner really.
        .-= Jen´s last blog ..Missing =-.

      9. Such great news about your dad and your friend! Woot! And fingers crossed you can find a cheaper flight home for the holidays!
        .-= terra´s last blog ..The most disgusting place I’ve ever been =-.

      10. Tell me about it! Airfare is insane right now. I keep checking for June and it seems like $1200 is the cheapest right now. I don’t have much wiggle room regarding our time frame, so it makes it tough finding a cheap ticket.

        I am happy to hear about your dad and friend! That’s great news!!!!
        .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..The Tour =-.

      11. I’m just now getting around to reading this. Great to hear about your best friend & dad! :)
        .-= Karen blogged this: A week in the city of hundred spires =-.

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