The sky is the limit

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I am working on a  College Campus and I love it. That’s probably because I loved going to College (and I loved going to school as well). If someone would pay me to go to College, I’d accept in a heartbeat. (I wouldn’t mind skipping the (final) exams, although mid-terms would be  fine, I guess.) I was one of the students that would re-write all of her class notes at home. Not because I was such a nerd, but I liked to have everything neat and organized. I spent hours on making learning cards, charts and sketches (I am also a visual learner – sometimes I couldn’t remember the answer to an exam question, but I could sure tell you where in my notes the answer was (“page 5, on the bottom”)).

I’ve always been interested in new things and I’ve taken many classes in college just out of pure curiosity, not so much because I needed them to graduate!

I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember. If there was a new extracurricular activity in school, you could be damn sure I would go and check it out. If someone suggested to try out a new sport or hobby. I was in!
I always felt like I had to “do it all”. I needed to form my own opinion about things before I could dismiss them; or alternatively love them forever.

My parents pretty much let me try whatever my heart desired at any given moment and throughout my childhood and elementary school years I was involved in many, many activities. I learned to play the recorder, I sang in the school choir, I went to handball practice and I learned how to cross-stitch and sew. I attended pottery classes for kids and I regularly went to kids’ gymnastics. From what I hear, I also was carrying books around all the time.
During my teenage and college years I played basketball, tennis and badminton,
I attended a Jazz dance group at school, I drew/painted, I started writing letters (with 40+ pen-pals during the peak), I attended a Japanese project group at school, I started playing the piano, I took riding, Italian, dancing and cooking classes, I played softball, I was part of a theater group, and I started all kinds of crafting projects.

I actively participated in the student council for most of my middle and high school years and was head of the student council my final year in high school. I also was a member of our local church youth club for many years and participated in summer camps and other activities. There was never a dull moment. I always had stuff going on and I just loved it.

Apparently, I have a curious mind and it has always been that way. I don’t think I have one outstanding talent (although sometimes I wished I had), but consider myself quite capable in a lot of areas. Also, I am not a quitter. Many of these activities that I pursued for many, many years,  I am still pursuing today in one form or another.

I love being involved in many different things and because of that I know I want to be  and will be a life-long learner.


How about you? Do you like to try new things, or do you stick to what you know? Did you try out many different things growing up?

  1. I, too, feel like I could be in school (or work) on a college campus forever and be happy.

  2. dackelprincessmaribeth

    February 22, 2010 at 4:42 am

    I'm trying out something new right now. Knitting! I have always crocheted, but wanted to learn to knit. So here I go.

  3. I love taking classes. In fact, I'm thinking about looking into PhD programs for next spring. I just want to learn everything!

  4. Guess what, I am a visual learner too. Even now, years later, I still remember exactly what was on the slides in some of my classes. It's creepy. ;) And nerdy.

    I am currently trying to get back into webdesign. I had done it a few years ago and in my opinion, I was quite good at it but I haven't done any coding ever since.

  5. I would love working on a college campus, I think. What a great way to stay young :-)

  6. I wasn't big on trying new things when I was younger but felt a need to “reinvent myself” in university – taking classes I was interested in just for the heck of it, trying rock/ice climbing, pottery classes, dance classes. I like trying new things, I just hate LEARNING new things – I like to be good at things! Hence my inability to cross stitch … I totally gave up on that one! I could go to school forver too :D

  7. I suppose I've been and are still really curious about other cultures. I love travelling and living abroad (which means outside of Germany) and to get to know people and their culture, their traditions, their way of living. I also tried all kinds of instruments.
    However, since I got to university I've been kind of lazy, which I'm trying to change lately. My latest projects have been learning snowboarding, knitting and trying all those lovely recipes I have in my cookbooks…

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