Some things I will never understand

Ok, I get it. We’re in California. For the most part, in California, excluding the Sierra Nevada, temperatures will rarely drop under 32°F/0°C. It’s not freezing. But nevertheless, it can get pretty damn cold during the winter months.

Why the heck are Californian houses so poorly insulated and why in hell do so many apartments not have central heat/air?
I’ve been freezin’ my cute little butt off during the winter months here.
I have refrained from sleeping in the bedroom and have camped out in the living room for a while now, because it’s the only room with a heater.
We also had to put a towel in front of the door to prevent the draft from creeping up on us.

So, I finally did, what I think most people end up doing at some point: I bought a small space heater.
It’s mainly for the bathroom. Since there only is an AC/heater combination in the living room, it’s been freakin’ cold in the bedroom and bathroom the last few months. It got to the point where my towels would not even dry in any 24 hours-period, because temperatures in the bathroom were so low, let alone the fact that the bathroom stayed pretty damp and that I was shivering when I got out of the shower every morning.

I know, you’re going to say that now winter is almost over and my investment in a space heater comes a little late, but you know what they say, better late than never ;) And I agree with that.
I’ve been enjoying a cozy, warm bathroom for the last couple of days!

Oh, the comfort!! :)

  1. Yeah, it’s cold the last months and I think you still made a good investment with the space heater. Normally I love to ride my motorcycle to work but at the moment it’s not even fun…brrr!!!
    Hope it’s getting warmer soon! :)

  2. I hear you!! I hate nothing more then a cold bathroom!
    We never use the heater in our bed room as I really like sleeping in a cold environment – I just simply sleep better.
    But the bathroom is a different thing! It has to be warm in there. When M and I first moved in together I had quite an argument with him as he ALWAYS turned the heater off before he went to bed and the bathroom was f… cold every morning. ;-)

  3. i don’t mind a cold bedroom since i don’t like to sleep in a heated room. makes me feel dryed out and completely exhausted. but a cold bathroom sucks. absolutely. so yay for technical stuff!

  4. yeah! Finally! happy for your warm bathroom. and you. and j.

  5. Brrr there is nothing worse than a cold bathroom when you have to get up so early! Glad you solved the problem and hopefully the warm spring weather is just around the corner!

  6. oooh yay for a space heater. we have one in our office because it is unnaturally frigid sometimes, haha.

    oh and if you want to come to an event in LA tomorrow send me an email and i’ll pass it on to you, it should be fun :)

  7. I hear ya. It’s pretty much the same over here. We have a AC/heater unit in the living room and in the bedroom. But the noise annoys me and the air gets so dry, so we have a humidifier running at the same time. I once talked to this guy from Switzerland, who has a mansion out in the Hamptons and who has lived in the US for the past 20 years. We both agreed that they are about 30 years behind when it comes to building homes.

    But it’s the same with the infrastructure. My parents were shocked when they came here for the first time and saw the conditions of the roads etc. My mom kept saying: Das ist ja wie in der Zone hier, als ich in den 70ern mal drüben war… haha.

  8. I am home! Yay! Had a great time, but now we wait to see if Anneliese is going to have puppies! I will know in a month!

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