I read

Yeah, so I can see the question marks pop up over your heads: What’s so special about it?

Well, I should have said: I read again. FINALLY.

For this to understand and to understand why this is such a big deal to me, you have to know something about me: Ever since I learned how to read, there was practically a book glued to my hands at all times. I wouldn’t go anywhere without some sort of reading material on me and at family gatherings, I would hide in a corner or on the couch and read until I fell asleep.

In the last year or so, I didn’t get to read much AT ALL. Very frustrating, because reading is not only a nice hobby, but also a relaxant for me. Not being able to read means not relaxing as much as I should sometimes. Bad!

Well, it looks like I got my reading mojo back though. I’ve read a total of three books since January (which I think is not a bad average considering that I don’t get much “me-time” these days) and the best thing is that I happened to find this website where you can trade your unwanted paperbacks for books that you would like to read.
This is so cool!
The basic idea is quite simple:

1. You type in books you want to give away
2. Your receive requests from others for your books
3. You mail your books and receive points
4. You can ask for books you want from others with your points

Signing up is completely free, the only thing you pay is the postage to send off your books to someone. The books you receive are free (as the sender will pay for the postage). Sending books by media mail only cost you $2-3, which is a pretty good deal compared to the option of buying a new book. It’s still a better deal than getting a used book from Amazon’s Marketplace ;) And a plus: You get something in the mail from a “real” person!  :)

Since I don’t have many books right now which I could give away (many of my books are in Germany for obvious reasons), I spontaneously went to the local thrift store last weekend and bought a whole bunch of paperbacks for $1/each. Now I have some reading material for the next few weeks and ultimately some books that I can exchange through the website (oh, it’s called “bookmooch“, by the way, and there is also a German site of it, if anyone is interested).

As for me, I am hooked!

  1. I enjoy reading too but my lack of childhood reading has caused me many problems in my old age. I only started reading for enjoyment a few years ago. It is tough to pick up a book when you have never had any interest in it before. I hope I can begin to read more. It expands your knowledge, vocabulary and ideas. Reading is excellent. I’ll have to check out that link. Thanks

  2. YOU WON!!!!

    You’ve won one of my Let’s Make a Deal prizes!! Come on back and help select your prize. :)

  3. Wow, that’s great!!
    I am a big reader myself and I can proudly announce that I finished 6 books since January. Ok, not real thick ones.
    I finished Shopaholic abroad and Shopaholic ties the knot on Monday.
    I am waiting for the next two of the series to come today with Amazon. ;-)

    I will definitely have a look onto the page, there are a few books around I would give away.

  4. Oh I love to read, but with my eye problems now I am very limited unless I can find it in large print. Thank goodness for the Internet!

  5. Can’t express enough how much I LOVE to read!! I too haven’t been finding a lot of time to get my reading in though…what with all these blogs/internets to keep up with, work, and attempting to have a life! I’m with you…I’m still keeping in with my goal of one book a month. The problem is…for me…there is something about buying new hardback books and surrounding myself with them that makes me happy :) I guess we all have our “thing” coffee for you…books for me! We SHOULD start a book club though…fun!!!

  6. cool. i’m definitely gonna look into that site. i still have tons of books at home (even though i started selling on booklooker.de) and i can always use more books. plus, there’s definitely a nice touch to it since it’s like getting and giving “gifts” all the time. i like that! :)

  7. I have been feeling the same way. I love reading books but i can never find the time. Last week though I started reading Twilight and I absolutely love it. I am almost all the way through. I am glad I stared reading again and I hope to keep it up just like you.

    BTW, I tried ordering a Latte Macchiato the other day and they just looked at me weird(we have an American coffee place on the military post). So I told them to make a caramel macchiato without the caramel and the vanilla and then they understood. Hehe.

  8. What are your favorite 3 books then?

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