Photographer’s block

I cannot believe it. Seriously. I treated myself to this incredible camera last summer and I have not yet found the time to make full use of its capabilities. 

I am angry with myself.
I want to take a photography class so badly, but I have not found the energy to even look for one (and I am sure there are plenty), let alone attend one.
I have not touched the handbook that came with the camera in weeks!
Yeah ok, I have played around with the camera a little bit and I have definitely produced some interesting and, by all means, presentable shots (in my humble opinion) with it already. In auto-mode alone, the camera just takes so much better photos than any point-and-shoot.
However, I still want to do so much more with it.

I really want to get back into posting regularly on Flickr. Beside the fact that it’s fun to just share everyday shots with family and friends, I want to use it as my creative outlet again.

I am such a creative person really and I am not doing anything about this right now.
I used to scrapbook, make my own holiday cards and other crafts and I occasionally I even knit/crochet or quilt.
I am doing neither of those things right now and it bothers me.
It makes me grumpy inside.
I feel like I have no time and/or sometimes no peace of mind to sit down and be creative. I need to change that.

At least, I am still writing my letters on a regular basis (sometimes even by hand! – otherwise I am sucker for Handwriting Fonts :)). That kinda helps.

  1. We are so alike, you and I. I can totally relate to this post. I’m in love with my camera (Canon 40D) and beat myself up on a regular basis when I can’t throw myself into it fully! My photography mentor (and wonderful friend) told me just last week, “Be kind to yourself about your creativity and it will show up more frequently – life just gets in the way sometimes!” That is too true!

    This is an online class and is very highly rated – and not too terribly expensive. Wouldn’t it be fun to take it together?

  2. Thank goodness the Cannon is sort of an idiot camera! I can get it to do most everything now. My other camera is too complicated.
    Having fun in the snow and seeing so much of my friend and talking non-stop is so wonderful! What a luxery to have this time with her!!!

  3. A friend of mine started doing Project 365 on January 1st this year. She is posting Pics to her Livejournal every Day or every two days. Maybe that will help you get back into the habit of taking pictures. She is taking random pics of every day life, like her hubby watching TV or the snow outside or herself right after getting up in the morning.

    Here is a link to a page that describes the Project:

  4. first of all: it’s okay when you have so much on your plate (called real life) to not do the same things you used to do when you were a student… however: i TOTALLY understand and this post could have been written by me. that is one of the things i really plan on doing: go on photo-walks and take a class. man wouldn’t it be awesome if you were around so we could to it together? SAN, i really miss you! HDGDL!

  5. I’m so with you on that one! I have that same camera sitting in the closet. I’ve used it once since I moved to the US!

    And all my scrap booking stuff is back home in DE, as is my paint etc. Thought it would be easy enough to buy new supplies here, since this is scrap booking country anyway. :) But just like you I have not taken the time to sit down and be creative, nor have I had the inspiration to. Sad, really.

  6. i stepped on my camera (on accident) and broke the screen…I am full sad!! You need to get some inspiration girl..I want to see some pics!!

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