As cool as a cucumber

It’s December, 2nd and I have not yet booked my flight to Germany. Mind you, I am planning to be on the plane in two weeks. Tsss.

I really am as cool as a cucumber, am I not?

The phrase alone cracks me up. As cool as a cucumber.  Only my dear German readers will understand why I find the translation slighty amusing.

BUT: I am on top of things otherwise. I’ve already counted the addresses that will be used to make sure that all my Christmas cards go to the right place. FORTY-SEVEN *cough* And I am pretty sure I am still missing a few.
You probably wonder, who in the world knows that many people (and writes Christmas cards – as in paper cards! – to them)? Ahm, yes, that would be me. My name is San. Nice to meet you.

Clearly, if you’re not already my friend, you really want to be my friend now, don’t you?!

  1. LMAO at your xmas card list – I had 41 to write this year AND I also wrote out another 24 for my parents as they are both getting old and can’t write that easily (arent I a good daughter lmao) Missin ya sista :-) xoxoxox

  2. I’m up to 73! haha….

  3. What are you waiting for? StandBy???? I’d be freaking out! You really are cool as a cucumber!

  4. haha.. I’ve never heard that phrase before.

    I just bought some xmas cards last weekend and started putting a list together…. you are on it, but I don’t think I have the correct address. So would you mind sending me your “new” address?

    And what’s going on? How come you didn’t book a flight yet? We booked ours in August!!! You really are a “coole Gurke” haha.

  5. I was making my christmas card list yesterday and I think I only have your old address too.
    Could you send me your current one please?

    My list is not as long as yours, there are only 26 cards to write for me.

  6. 53 – beat ya!

    Mensch, ich würd mir in die Hosen machen, noch nicht gebucht zu haben. Aber du machst das schon.

  7. Well, you do know Ute! She has way way too many friends. I told her it is time to downsize but she aint havin it! Haha. Cool as a cucumber does not really make sense here either…unless of course it is referring to the myth of applying sliced cucumbers to the eyes to reduce puffiness. Anything “cool” will do that, cucumbers are not special. And without a fridge to cool them they are just room temp anyway.

  8. a) wow, you guys are all crazy and make me feel bad for not sending out a gazillion cards this year…

    b) there’s no approx. in your countdown any more (yes, i check it every day!) – does that mean you booked now?

    c) miss you! we need to talk before i leave… *smooches*

  9. I really enjoy sending Christmas cards and receiving them, but it’s never a number like 47!

  10. Boo…i forgot to send you my address…or did I?
    I want a card too!!
    Look at me whining like a 2 year old. In any case, I think the idea of mailed out paper cards is precious!

  11. I will not tell you how many we will be sending out. Let’s just say too many! LOL!~ Yes, you will be getting one, but may come while you are in Germany.

  12. 47? Wow, you’re so popular!
    I remember I used to be able to buy one box of Christmas cards (anywhere from 18-24 in a box) and that would suit me just fine. But now, combining friends and family of Eric’s with my friends and family, I am sending out way more cards. This year I had to buy 2 boxes!

  13. na du gurke? lol i thought mrs organized would have booked it all yet. i really thought u would leave it last minute. let’s talk about a date, sista:-)

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