The weekend = LAZY!

You know, I am all for big weekend plans, get-aways, day-trips and so on and so forth… but sometimes you just need a weekend to do nothing.

That’s exactly what I did – nothing. Ok, technically not nothing nothing. But you know, I didn’t have any commitments and no plans, which can be rather nice. Of course, I still had the usual errands to run and chores to do, but I like to be flexible and do it when I feel like it.

My weekend in no particular order:

  • Sleeping in real late on Friday? Check.
  • Grocery shopping? Check.
  • Talking on the phone with my sister and my parents? Check.
  • Spending a ridiculous amount of time on the Internet looking into books to trade? Check.
  • Necessary apartment cleaning? Check.
  • Finishing one book and starting another? Check.
  • Spending some substantial time in the kitchen preparing maccaroni salad, baking blueberry muffins (from scratch) and making kick-ass sandwiches? Check.
  • Going for a nice walk in the park and enjoying the early summer temperatures? Check.
  • Getting a tiny bit jealous of the people who came out to BBQ, followed by a craving for some “belly of pork” that my parents usually get for our BBQs at home? Ahm, check.
  • Watching (yes, still!) some more episodes of X-Files? Check.

Overall, this has just been the perfect weekend. I felt totally relaxed by Sunday night and was ready to go to work on Monday. I want more weekends like that!

How was yours?

  1. Sounds like what I call “me-time”, you do what you feel like to do, no compromises. I love it.
    However, my last weekend was a full, busy one – I undertook and passed a level 1 coaching course, which meant early mornings till late afternoons, assignments, creativity and meeting nice and interesting people. It was great and I am now a very proud level 1 coach ;)

    What are kick-ass sandwiches??? And I so wish to have a tast of your blueberry muffins ;)

  2. well, you know… :)

  3. PS: i am SO coming for a BBQ at your parent’s again the next time you visit. the last one was fun! :)

  4. I don’t think that sounds like laziness at all. That sounds like you got some constructive things done. Plus, you left your house. I sometimes sit home and watch t.v. and go on the computer and I do this all without even changing out of my pajamas. Haha. Sounds like a good time though!

  5. Mine was sad. Just plain sad.

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! I love weekends like that.

  7. well…since you read my post, you know exactly how my weekend was :)
    But your weekend sounded DEEVINE! So glad you got much needed relaxation!!

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