I think I have a mug-addiction.

I don’t think I have an addictive personality per se.

I have never smoked a cigarette in my life (this is a topic for another post!), I usually don’t drink and the caffeine that I consume daily probably doesn’t count as an addictive amount either. I am convinced that the caffeine doesn’t even have an effect on me, because I can drink it in the evening and then go to bed 30 minutes later without a problem.

My “addictions” are on a more subtle level. There are certain things that I can never get enough of. One would be “stationary stuff”. I can spend hours at stationary stores and you can make me really happy with pretty paper, stickers, and journals. I have a whole collection of (empty) journals and I could always buy more. I think part of me would have liked to do something creative with my life.

I also think I am a mug-aholic. I LOVE mugs in all shapes and sizes. It’s highly important to me to drink my tea or coffee out of a beautiful mug. It just makes the coffee taste better, or something like that.
J doesn’t even drink coffee. Yet, we have 11 mugs in our cabinet. 2 of those are J’s. You do the math.

BTW, I am a firm believer that every beverage has its special glass or mug that it has to be drunken out of… milk does NOT go in glasses, but in a tumbler,


tea should go in a tea cup or glass cup

tea_cup_small pekoe-tea-glass

and coffee should either go in a coffee cup (with saucer) or mug.

coffee_cup_250x251 White20Can20Mug

Simple as that :)

Do you have any secret “addictions”?

  1. I love mugs, too! I have so many already (almost all in storage right now) and I could always buy more! Especially when I drink tea by the cup I need a big mug…otherwise I feel it’s such a waste of a tea bag. I love the large Starbucks city mugs for that!

  2. Dogs. And it’s gotten me into this world full of fur! LOL! Four dogs! I still can’t believe that I have that many, and yet when I see a dackel puppy I think, “Oh I want that!”

  3. well it would not be a secret anymore if i would tell you about it right? lol. no but seriously i dont think i have any…i mean i am addicted to throwing things away. i cannot stand junk or stuff that i dont need, i throw everything out. ask my poor husband. haha. your so cute with your little cups i dont think we could offer you any of them at our apartment, we only have one kind. haha. love ya

  4. Hey – thanks for your comment today through NaBloPoMo! Only 23 more posts to go!

    I love makeup and horde it – even though I hardly wear it anymore these days with 2 small children. My husband has your mug addiction, only he doesn’t like any of them to match. Needless to say, our current mug cupboard looks remarkably similar to my mug cupboard when I was a starving college student! Shhhh, don’t tell but sometimes I “accidentally” break one that I think is particularly hideous!

  5. Coffee 30 minutes before going to bed? I think you’re addicted ;-). I totally understand your mug addiction. Mugs are just so pretty! I miss mine from Germany!

  6. Haha I can also drink caffeine and go to bed right afterwards! It doesn’t do anything to me.

  7. lol what do you drink HOT milk out of?? Sorry just trying to confuse the issue lol… I dont have any addictions, I am perfect :-)

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