Back online

Or so I hope.

If you can read this, this means I am finally back online after a very annoying, frustrating and lenghty server change following the shut down of my blog by my former host company. I have still not figured out why exactly they decided to suspend my account without prior notice or making any contact with me in regards to it. A friend had to point out to me that my URL wasn’t working any more, and even then it took me days to get a response from the support team.
Let’s just say: They were NOT helpful at all. Period. Also, they owe me 9 months of pre-paid account hosting, since I had just renewed my account in June. Suckers.

I tried the “live chat” on their website. NOT helpful. They kept saying I had to EMAIL the support team. I didn’t get a response from the support team for three days, decided to try “live chat” again, just to be told that I ‘had to wait until support team gets back to’ me. Well, for how long do I have to wait? They claim to provide 24/7 support, but I didn’t see any of it.
At least, I am keeping my blog “just for fun” (well, if you disregard the fact that I felt pretty disconnected from the world in the last three weeks), but I wonder how they treat customers who run business websites on their servers! I am pretty sure that they can’t afford three weeks of total shut down.

Anyway, as you might have noticed, I still have some minor issues with the formatting of the restored database (and if anybody has any idea on how to fix this – please!, let me know!), but at least I am connected again. Wohoo!

  1. You’re back!! Yeah! Have a great weekend, Susi

  2. Welcome back Sannie! Missed you!

  3. yay you’re back! how’s your sister????
    well, if nothing else you can always do the free wordpress thingy ;-)

  4. Hey, great that you are back!!!!

  5. welcome back, babe! :)

  6. Yay!!!!!! You are up and running and I can get you too! Welcome back!!!

  7. WOOHOO – you are back!!! So happy to see your site back…. missing you and J heaps…. hope all is well! Hugs to you both xoxoxo

  8. Welcome back!!

    So?? Did your sister have her baby yet?

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