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I’ll make this short and sweet: WE GOT THE APARTMENT!

I can’t tell you how excited I am (especially since we had to give 30-day notice before we knew if we would get the place, because our landlord said they couldn’t release information to a potential new landlord, unless we had given notice already. Is that legal?)

Anyway, everything turned out ok, because we did get the apartment and now we only have a few days of overlapping rent responsibilities at both places, which works out perfectly. But it also means: we’ll be moving in three weeks.
I am freaking out a little bit. There is so much to do until then.

But I also can’t wait to move into a bigger and better place. It’s a bigger 1-bedroom apartment. We originally were looking for a 2-bedroom apartment, because we wanted more space  and extra room where we could shut a door. We did compromise on this a little bit, because the apartment only has one bedroom.
But: the bedroom is at the very end of the apartment and in the front, there is a combined dining and living room and the front room can be closed off with a beautiful sliding french door and I just LOVE it. I can’t wait to show you pictures!

I am not sure how much I’ll be able to be around here in the next few weeks, so bear with me. I am hoping to be back to a more normal schedule after the move!

  1. Yesssss!! Congrats! This is awesome news, I’m so thrilled for you guys! And I cannot wait to see pictures, either. ;) Living in a place that has French sliding doors is one of my secret dreams for, you know, “when I grow up”. :D

  2. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see photos of your new place.

  3. Yay – congrats!!! I am so happy for you!
    You can do it! And don’t worry about us, we will be here waiting for you!!! Hugs xxx

  4. Yay!! Congrats. Thats so great!
    I am looking forward to the pictures.
    I love looking at other peoples flats/ houses. :-)

  5. hun, i am SO happy for you and can’t wait to see (more :)) pics. i wish i could just hop on over to help you pack and organize. i love moving. yay to the new home!!! xoxo

  6. Such wonderful news. Congrats! I’m looking forward to seeing pictures.

  7. Awesome news…and yay on your new apartment!!! Congrats!

  8. Omg, congratulations!! That’s great and I can’t wait to see pictures. Although I have to say that’s a little weird that you had to give notice before releasing information to the other landlord. But that doesn’t matter now, you’ve got the place!! :)

  9. Dude. I don’t think that’s legal/legit re: your landlord. I’d complain HEARTILY about that, or at least write some online reviews of the place. That’s really low.

    But bad stuff aside, CONGRATS on the new place! How exciting!

  10. Huge congrats!! I’m so excited for you! :)

  11. YAY! Isn’t it great news to get that call? I got my own last week :)

  12. Congratulations – that’s awesome! Can’t wait to get to see some pics!

  13. Oh yay – congrats! It’s going to be a crazy few weeks for you, but in some ways it’s better than to have this move hanging over your head for months. Good luck with everything and I can’t wait to see photos of your new home!

  14. Yay! Congrats! I am so excited for you and, of course, am looking forward towards the pictures!!! :)

  15. OMG this is awesome news! :-) All the best for the move!

  16. Pretty sure it’s not legal what your landlord said, since I know I’ve moved from apartment to apartment and never had to deal with that. Very weird!

    But…YAY! Congrats on getting the apartment and having a bigger and better place. I can’t wait to see pictures!

  17. yay!! so so exciting, congrats on the new place :)

  18. OMG – I am so exited for you both!! I cannot wait to see it. I am on spring break next week – do you need help??

  19. Fantastic News!! So happy for the two of you! Now breath and go packing……… LOL

  20. Oh that sounds wonderful!!! Congrats and I can’t wait to see the pics!

  21. Congratulations! Not that I know where you’re moving to, but I remember looking at apartment after apartment in midtown Sac long ago. They had the cutest, old apartments with all kinds of cute built ins and what not. I looooved daydreaming of getting one of those places!

    I’m so excited for you!

  22. I’m so happy for you guys ! :-) I can’t wait to see pics …

  23. Yay!! Congratulations!! You’ve talked often about how little your current space and I’m so excited for you to move into someplace bigger! Congratulations!

  24. Awesome and congratulations!!!!!

  25. How exciting! Congrats.

  26. Nice dude! Congrats!!! 30 day notice is awesome! We have 3 months which makes it really hard… Your landlord sounds as illegal as ours. Haha. I think they make up their own rules! However, your moving and it is super exciting!! I love moving so I can’t wait for it myself :) hugs!!!

  27. Oh that is great news! I am thrilled for you. It sounds beautiful. I can’t wait to see pictures!

  28. Yay! Congrats!!! I know I’m late to the party. I’ve been swamped with work and life, but I’m so happy you guys got the apartment!!!

  29. Ah! Can’t wait to see photos of the new place. Congrats on getting the place you wanted. I can’t even imagine packing up in the next few weeks but I know the excitement will far outweigh any other feelings. Good luck on the move!

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