I’m in love…

… and this is why:

Nina und Greta

Finally a picture of my sister and my new little niece and godchild-to-be.

Isn’t she just the cutest, and I mean THE CUTEST little thing? :)

  1. She is ADORABLE. Congratulations! to your sis.

  2. Yes, she is very cute!
    Very nice picture of the two!!!

  3. What a beautiful picture! Greta is so adorable! Congrats again to the Mom, Dad, grandparents and aunt and uncle!

  4. she is. just like her mama :)

  5. She looks so cute! That’s a great picture of your sister and her baby girl. I can just hope to look that good after giving birth.

  6. Oh Greta is as beautiful as her name! What a lovely shot of your sister with her new baby!!

  7. OMG…she is sooooo cute! No wonder you’re in love! Who wouldn’t be? Congratulations to the new parents…and aunt! ;)

  8. How cute. Congrats! I can imagine how happy you must be. =) Enjoy!

  9. omg i just read that you became an aunt!! awww congrats san and honestly she is the cutest!!! greta :) i love her name :)
    congrats to the family!!

  10. AWWW- and Nina looks soooo happy. Congratulations again!

  11. she really looks like nina. what a cutie. congrats to all of you again.

  12. Very adorable, congratulations!

  13. Congrats!!! She is the cutest!! Nina and her husband must be sooo happy!!

  14. she is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ich komme leider erst jetzt dazu…aber…super suesse Nichte! Solche grossen, dunklen Augen…knuffig. Sie guckt schon so wach in die Welt! Glueckwunsch an Euch und besonders an die neuen, stolzen Eltern!!!

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