Happy Halloween!

I wish this was the pumpkin I carved. Unfortunately, ours is still sitting here in the corner waiting to be “halloween-ized”. I know. We should have done it last weekend, but we just didn’t get around to doing it. Now it’s almost too late. But who cares – I can still enjoy a jack-o-lantern in November :)

I am still determined to carve it this weekend. Not only do I want to have a pretty carved pumpkin, but also pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds!

Oh yeah, and right on time for Halloween, we had the first rain of the season yesterday. The leaves are changing their color and falling off the trees faster than you can say “fall is here”. And my personal indicator for that fact is that my feet are cold for the first time in a long time.

Have a great Halloween everyone.

  1. happy halloween, suesse!

    PS: you should get yourself B&BWs “softest socks on earth” for those “cold” months to come. they are the bestest to wear around the house :)

  2. Happy belated carving and stay warm now!

  3. Have a piece of pie for me. Pumpkin is my favorite! I’m going to try a Weight Watcher recipe at Thanksgiving, but you never know how that will be.

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