An unexpected new toy

As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to tell you about the shopping on Sunday. Our 2-year cell phone contract with Verizon was about to expire very soon and we already had looked into extending our contract and upgrading our phones for a while.
We’re on a family share plan with J’s parents right now (which means we talk for free among the four of us) and that seemed like a good deal and also, we were thinking of adding J’s brother to the plan as well, since he’s back in the States for good now.

I really didn’t know if I wanted to upgrade my cell phone or not at this point. I was not completely satisfied with my LG Cherry Chocolate anymore (the touch pad just sucks, although I really liked the color, size and overall feel of the phone – and let’s face it, it’s just cute and RED!), but getting a new phone seemed way too much of an investment right now.
J needed a new phone and since he’s the main account holder, the phone he picked was pretty much for free (excluding tax – of course). As the secondary person on the account, your offers are not that intriguing, BUT here’s what turned to be a great deal for us/me: since we wanted to upgrade J’s parents phones (they only have very basic, simple flip phones), and we needed to get an extra phone for J’s brother, we decided to buy one phone (with mail-in-rebate!) and get (up to) three new flip phones for free!

I pretty much lucked out here, because I ended up with this new baby:


The LG Dare (Verizon’s equivalent to AT&T’s iPhone).
And I am pretty impressed, to say the least!

I even got a one month promotional “free web access” on top of it. Sweet!
I don’t think I’ll sign up for it after this month, because after all, I have access to computers and the web pretty much 24/7, but it’s going to be convenient to have the possibility to check my email or look something up when I am on the go! I can still do that without buying a monthly package and the charges by MB seem pretty reasonable, too.

I must admit I had ogled the iPhone since the day it came out (it is pretty!), but I could never really justify to myself to buy it, besides the fact that my provider didn’t offer the iPhone and I would have had to switch to AT&T.
Also, to tell the truth: I am really not that huge of a cell phone user and I really didn’t see the need of having an expensive phone with web access capability and whatnot.

Well, people can change their minds a little when the situation asks for it, right? Especially, if the situation involves a pretty sweet deal on an upgrade to an almost-iPhone. Who could say no?

As you might be able to tell: someone’s a real happy camper!

  1. Great! Good deal!

    I have to say, that I am one of those “símple flip phone user”. Thats all what I need ;)

  2. oh yay for new toys. i keep debating whether or not i want an iphone, i can’t decide.

  3. Very nice!
    I got a new phone in January and I am quite happy with it. It’s a Sony Ericson.
    An iPhone would be great – but too expensive!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. ;D what a great deal.. i like to have new toys too
    just got my new cellphone and i love it!

  5. This is the phone my daughter has and since we both have Verizon we talk all the time! I had to use her phone yesterday as she had emergency surgery and it was so easy to use for someone who had no idea what they were doing! She is okay and will heal up well.

  6. Looks very nice! I was not much into cell phones either but since I got my Samsung I am absolutely in love with it – its amazing. Have a nice weekend! Cheers from Ireland

  7. Nice phone!!! I can’t wait to have a US contract again. I want my 1000 roll-over minutes back. Stupid German contracts…

  8. i really like your new phone, and i have i guess an older version of it. it’s the lg viewty, which i decided to get, when my cell phone contract expired and no other phone i really liked. and i have to admit i really like gadgets, if i use em 100% or not. and i thought the viewty was the iphone for poor ones;-) but i have to admit that i am really jealous, when i see mike’s i phone. although my camera and some of my features are a lot better, than on the iphone. and i totally agree, that the conditions for an iphone or something quite the same have to be alright. and it sounds like you made a pretty sweet deal:-) and don’t we all love our new gadgets?

  9. Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Spaß in good old Germany! Drück deine Schwester mal von mir. Hab einen guten Flug!

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