Getting in shape

I joined the gym.

Remember how I was talking about that it would probably not make sense to join a gym and that I could go running at the nearby park?
Yeah, actually… it does make sense to join a gym. At least for me. I am much more motivated to work out if I have cardio machines and weights at my disposal.

So, I signed up for “The Biggest Loser – a 6 week weight loss program“ at my gym. Yes, they’re actually affiliated with the TV show with the same name.
But wait, before you burst out into “why the hell do you want to lose weight” or similar exclamations – I am only doing it because it was a special money-saving offer which included 5 personal trainer sessions, fitness assessment, online nutrition planning and a program guide. First of all, it’s good to have a fitness assessment when you seriously start to work out again and second of all, I am kind of intrigued to find out about my eating habits. Overall, I feel that I am eating healthy with all the fresh home-cooking, but who knows?!

Last night, I had my first session and according to my, newly hired, short-term personal trainer, I am starving myself [which is, in no literal sense of the word, true in any way]. Ostensibly, eating twice a day is NOT healthy… but I am doing fine with breakfast in the late morning [= nutritious and long-lasting whole grain bread] and then -most days- nothing until dinner. I really do.
Sure, I do get the occasional craving and then I do -believe it or not- get a snack or that bar of chocolate. But most days, I am so busy at work that I just “forget” to eat and it usually never bothers me to the point where I have to deal with a rebelling stomach.

So, according to my -remember, short-term!- personal trainer, I should have 5-6 small meals *gasp* per day. This is SO NOT going to happen. It would make me feel like I am eating ALL day. I am also not so convinced about the protein bars that he’s suggesting. I do like to work out, but I am far from training for a marathon or something like that, so I think the protein bars would just go straight to my hips than being used as “energy supply”.

Here’s the compromise: I will try to eat more vegetables and fruit and from now on take at least one of those, or sometimes both!, to work as a lunch snack. I do understand that that actually might be good for me ;) How does that sound?

  1. He/she will probably not be happy with that either, but heck I think you should never force eating. It’s much better to eat when you actually feel hungry and not just because the clock says so.
    Sadly, eating too little is not my problem! ;~)

  2. I only have two meals on most days as well. I do snack a lot in between though and with the two meals that has the benefit that I do not gain as much weight as I should (like in the past two weeks).
    Protein bars definitely sound like overdoing it a little though.

  3. oh my gosh! thats why you are so skinny. i eat all day long. and thats all i think about all day long. gosh i love food. :) hehe. thats funny. eat something girl, i should could you a good german meal! and oh by the way miss your comments and need your new address. hugs!

  4. I knew there had to be some explanation! I could never go without lunch, in fact whenever I do, I get so hungry that I probably eat a whole chocolate while cooking dinner and also eat way too much for dinner too fast. But if you don’t have that problem, I guess it’s fine too skip lunch or just have a fruit or so. Whole grain bread for breakfast should anyway be more filling and healthy than cheerios and a pizzaslice for lunch!

  5. Just wanted to let you know, I will be away from my usual commenting for 2 weeks. I’ll be cruising the Panama Canal and I hope to be able to Blog from there. (But you never know!) Check out starting Tuesday for two weeks and you never know what you might find!
    See you when I get back.

  6. I totally hear you about needing an actual place to work out. I very much need a location that I can associate with being fit. It’s just the way it is.

    Eat your veggies!!!

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