As you know,  vacation days in the US are scarce.

It’s the middle of July and I have not taken one single day off this year.
Granted, I mostly have three-day-weekends and that is really nice, but a) I’ve still been working 40+ hours per week and b) I have worked 52 hours overtime so far. I really think I deserve a week off to go home and visit my sister and her babybelly :)

I finally managed to ask my boss for the go-ahead to take a week off, but the catch is:

Flights are incredibly expensive right now.
I cant believe that I am looking at flights that are almost twice as much as what I paid for my flight back home last Christmas! It’s insane… and really unfair.
I know some of you feel the same way. Here we are, thousands of miles away from our families and flights are becoming more and more unaffordable. Is it too much to ask to be able to go home to our families at least once a year without paying a fortune?

Considering that I am also planning to go back to Germany with J for Christmas, I really have to be smart about this. I am not willing to pay over $1000 per flight [yeah, but who’s asking me, right?!].

If you have any suggestions for travel websites or come across a good deal – please pass it on! Thanks!

  1. I am sorry hun! Can’t your parents help you out here? It’s your twinsister – you HAVE to visit her!

  2. that really sucks. i’ve been looking into flights for dec and it’s ridiculous. easily a couple hundret euros more than “usually”. i’m crossing my fingers for you to find something REAL SOON!


  3. That really sucks badly! It’s really crazy what’s happening at the moment and sometimes I get real scared thinking about where we are heading. Hope you’ll come across a good deal soon!

  4. I know. And I will keep my fingers crossed here.
    I really enjoyed my parent’s 60th anniversary. Somehow sharing this time with them really touched me.

  5. i am sorry hunbun i always use kayak but i think even they are so darn expensive! :( my fingers are crossed though and i agree you deserve a vacation!!!! hugs

  6. i guess we were lucky to find an ok flight for the summer for m. especially since we usually book quite spontanious. i really hope it will work out you can go home and visit your family.

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