SPF: Music Tribute

Kristine asked us for this week’s SPF to make a tribute to someone.

Hallenbeck's General Store & Café

My tribute goes to my hubby.
This is him at his best, singing at one of the “Open Mic Nights” in LA.
Back then, everything was still right with his world.

I dedicate this SPF to him, because he has so much love and passion for music and because he is such a talented musician with a beautiful voice.
He has dedicated his life to bringing back “Rock and Roll” and I really hope that he’ll find a way to live his dream.

Did you play?

  1. How adorable! This is the most perfect tribute ever. I wish him the best in following his dream.

  2. :D that’s awesome

    Happy spf

  3. I did not play: but very sweet spf!

  4. so sweet! we hope he will find a way to follow his passion!!! big hug sweetie. any luck on the flights yet??

  5. I can tell that he will accomplish his goal. His passion for music bleeds from him when he speaks to people about it. He has a way of bringing people into his music world and one day everything he dreams of with Rock & Roll will be obtainable. Take care.

  6. who else than your hubby should take that place in this spf:-) i am sure jon will go his way and live his dream. smooch

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