June seems to be a good month for visits from Germany.
Last year, a good friend of mine came to LA to see me and J for a couple of hours before heading to a conference that he attended through his German company in Anaheim.
A few days later, my parents and cousin arrived for a 3-week vacation.

This year, my best friend from home will be in San Francisco for a weekend.

Only one more week!

She works for LH and finally (!) got a flight to SF [as you can imagine, that is quite the popular destination among flight attendands. It can be requested, but is granted according to seniority. My friend has been with LH for a couple of years, but apparently not long enough to request and easily get the flights to popular destinations].

She got lucky this time.
And also, her timing couldn’t have been better.
She’ll arrive on Friday and fly back on Sunday – perfect for us to spend the weekend together. And the best part is: She gets paid for visiting and spending time with me – how awesome is that?! :)
I can’t even remotely begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to spending some “girl time” with her. It’s been so long overdue!!


  1. That’s so great for the two of you!!
    I hope you will have an awesome weekend. Enjoy the time!!!

  2. told you, i’m so happy for you guys! also, a tad jealous because i miss girl time with you, too! *smooches*

  3. Woo-hoo!!! Have a great time!
    Back in the day, when Hubby was the #1 First Officer on the A-300 Air Bus, we had such great trips, including the trip that gave us a 6 month temporary assignment in Berlin! After a year of traveling to the best places he upgraded to Captain, but the seniority was lower and the trips not so good. Oh well….

  4. thats great, enjoy your time with her. and in regards to your last post, i have NEVER spoken english with a german when there were no english speakers around. thats just ridiculous, i dont know why people do that. i have a german coworker who talks to me in english when we are alone and its retarded. i asked her why she does it and she claims it is easier. bullshit. i just keep talking to her in german.

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