I really can’t complain. Even though I consider myself a really private and profound person – someone who would only surround herself with a handful of deep relationships – I am still surprised sometimes by how many meaningful friendships I have and with how many people I keep in touch. I can name quite a few people that I consider my friends [and I don’t tend to use this word loosely as it is often done in English].

I am pretty sure that I have just added another person to my list of friends.

My “fairly new” roommate has pretty much proven herself in the last couple of weeks that she definitely deserves the title “friend” in my book. She’s been wonderful and sweet and even though we’ve only known each other for a couple of weeks, she’s been most supportive of me and J.
When J decided last week that he wanted to go to Sacramento with me, it was not only because he had free time on his hands, but also because of a rough road that he’s on regarding his band. He just needed to get away.

I was a little hesitant to impose on our new roommate situation, but Kari had no objections whatsoever to J staying with us during the week, in fact, she turned out to be a great entertainer and listener for J.

Tuesday night, we went out for Sushi with her and our neighbor again. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and therefore couldn’t take a picture of the even bigger sushi plate that they brought for the four of us this week. It was delicious though! We talked and laughed and just had a really good time. I realized once again how great it is to have people to hang out with and that we’ve really missed that in the last couple of months.

Wednesday night I cooked for all of us at home. I made my “famous” roasted potatoes [see here], little breaded pork cutlets and a big salad. Everybody thought it was fantastic :) Kari already committed to cooking for us one evening next week. We also want to scrapbook one night and then we have to watch all the “horrible” reality shows that she ‘TiVo’s” during the week *g* damn, we’ll be so busy :)

  1. even though i feel a tiny bit of “jealousy” because you’re so far away, i’m REALLY happy that you’ve found someone to call a friend there now! she sounds supersweet! :)

  2. It’s just awesome to hear that you found such a great roommate and are setteling in so well! That was what was missing when you lived in Westwood, wasn’t it? Friends are so important!

  3. Yes, I know what you mean. I have 4 true friends in life. The rest, although they are nice good people, I put in the acquaintance category.
    Your potatoes look wonderful. Think I will try those tonight as I am making a pork roast.

  4. That is cool you are so close with your roomie already. I hope my new roommate who just moved in on Thursday and I will be close as well, it would be really nice to have someone to eat with and hang out with. I will see.
    By the way, I lost your password for the protected entries so if you could send me an e-mail with it that would be great! Thanks. :)

  5. i am really happy to hear you found a new friend and that your roomate turned out to be a really nice new friend. and even greater is that j and k get along really well, also.
    so everything turns out to be the right decision. you like sacramento in general, you love your work and you like to live with k. that’s awesome. i am really happy for you after all those struggles you had to go through the past 2 years. miss you sweetie

  6. Well it sounds like all you need is in Sacramento now ;-).
    I’m glad your roommate is so nice! Friends really make life so much better. Yay!

  7. oh I know…friends just make life so much better! And who didnt wanna be yours! :) food looks awesome and sushi sounds great. Now I am hungry!!!! Next time we see eachother we gotta cook!!! love ya

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