So, I started running again last night. I hadn’t really worked out in over two months, because things have been so crazy around here, but now I really want to get back into my work-out routine. My roommate goes to the gym and I actually considered signing up for it. I like using the cardio-machines and occasionally the weights, but I checked out the membership fees and hell no, it’s way to expensive. Also, I could only use it three nights a week [M-WED] anyways, because the other days I am not here and we do have a fitness room at our apartment complex down south. So my plan is this: I want to go running two nights a week while I am in Sacramento and then use the fitness room once or twice when I am back home.
We have a nice park two blocks from the house and it’s a very popular spot for runners – so I don’t even have to work out just by myself. There are always people running on the “track” [ = path around the park]. Can you tell, I am highly motivated ;) although my legs feel as heavy as lead today. Ok, I have to say that I kind of pushed it last night – a 40-minute-run after a two-months break was probably not the smartest idea.

On a different note, I admit it. I am a bargain hunter. Not to be confused with a scrooge. I like to and do spend money on certain things, but I also like to get special deals and if I can get something for a cheaper price or even free that it juuust fine with me :)

Therefore, I just LOVE this “Ding!”-thing from Southwest that I downloaded the other week. It’s a little desktop application that you download to your computer and then it’ll notify you with exclusive airfare offers that are not available anywhere other than through this application. I had signed up for Southwest’s email newsletter a while ago and I didn’t really think that “Ding!”-thing would really get me any better deals than the ones I already get on the Internet by booking the “Internet fare” in advance or something, but last Sunday, I received a notification with airfares between Sacramento and Burbank for $39 one-way! This is such a steal!
The offers are usually only good for a day or two, so I acted instantly and booked two more round-trips for the end of the month for $98 each [including taxes!] I actually would have booked flights for the rest of the year, if I hadn’t had to pay for them right away… darn it. Keep your fingers crossed for another cool offer soon – because every cent I save on airfare is another cent in my pocket ;)

  1. Good girl! I mean the running AND the hunting ;-). Love ya

  2. Wow, I wish I had your discipline about working out! But still can’t wait to be allowed again after surgery! THEN I will be sore, as I did my last work out in December last year!
    And about the bargains, who doesn’t love them? Good luck with this “Ding” thing!

  3. man, those ARE sweet airfare deals. i hope the “DING”-thing will get you more throughout the year. hey and we have to talk about when and where to meet while C and i are in LA so we can plan! :)

    PS: i wish i was as disciplined about the workout-thing as well… is it a cali-bug? maybe i’ll catch it when i’m there…? :D

  4. I love the Ding-Thing and would lvoe to have it here for airfare deals.
    I really need to start doing sports again, too. Wish I could be as motivated as you are. Way to go! :)

  5. that is awesome! congrats! oh man south western, did you hear about the girl that was kicked off the plane because her skirt was too short? funny story saw it on ellen the other day!! love ya, thanks again for your sweet email!!

  6. i’ve also started running again. although not quite as ambitious as you! i started working up from four sets of 5 and 1s and will work my way up to doing 10km doing 10s and 1s.

  7. 40 minutes?! Yikes! You go girl! Wish I could do that but I’d prolly colapse quarter way there ;-)

    Yay for the air deals! I hope they have something like that again reallllly soon!

  8. Wow, 40 mins is really long. I was supposed to run 20 mins for the first time a couple of days ago, but I have been so exhausted I haven’t been going running at all… :(

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  10. haha i had to smile reading your entry, because i thought about what i can update my diary with and the entry would be quite the same. about working out.;-) isn’t it ridiculous how expensive gyms are nowadays? and you really need to go there like 3-4 times a week that it’s worth it. keep hanging in there girl.
    and those flight deals sound pretty sweet for american national flight circumstances:-)good job!!!

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