Upside down and spinning

How do you call this when you feel your world is upside down and everything’s spinning around you?

Transition. Right.

Well, we’re right in the middle of one… and not that we haven’t been there before.

If -by reading on- you get kind of overwhelmed and confused, don’t worry, I felt the same way. A lot of the things that are happening right now are due to pretty recent decisions that J and I made and it took me a while to get my thoughts straight again.

We’ll be moving out of our apartment in Westwood. In fact, pretty soon – by the end of August.
I have kind of mixed feelings about it, because I just started to like it there and damn, I get so easily attached to places. But fact is, there are several different reasons why moving out sounds like a good idea.

First of all, since finding a job at UCLA didn’t work out, there is really no reason to live right in Westwood. Yes, it’s a nice student community, but it’s also expensive. I know we got a pretty sweet deal with our apartment, but still. Expensive.

As of last week, Aaron will be moving in with an old friend of his in Long Beach [which is about a 45-minute drive to Westwood], so J would be all by himself during the week when I am up in Sacramento. The guys are trying to figure out new schedules right now, which will probably mean that they’ll be getting together for practicing and recording every couple of days.
For that reason, they have also decided to give up the studio that they had rented out, since they won’t be able to use it as much as they used to and they’ll rent out a studio by the hour whenever they have time to get together.

J and I have been thinking about moving up to Ventura. It’s an hour north of LA, but we would be closer to J’s parents. J’s Dad just had hip surgery and they could use a little help in the coming weeks. Also, rent is a little cheaper in Ventura. When I start my job in Sacramento, my housing up there will probably be completely paid for, but still, having two places requires some financial rethinking.

The next few weeks will be very busy for us. I am waiting to hear back from my prospective employer this coming week and will probably be flying up to Sacramento sometime soon to look for a place and sign the contract. At the same time, we’ll be packing and cleaning up the apartment in Westwood. I really didn’t expect all this to happen so soon and all at the same time, but this is how it is going to be.

Like I said “upside down and spinning” – you get the idea.

  1. I know how your are feeling. You are just starting to feel home and comfortable, and then there will be changes again. Even if they are good and changes to move forward or in a better direction, it’s hard to get used to the idea of them. But I figure you are good planner.. that’s the idea I get from your posts… so i know you two will be fine going through all these different changes!

  2. I hear you with the upside down and spinning. Although we seem to have stalled somewhat. I am excited! for you two, though. These transitions all seem to be pointing to better and brighter. And less expensive! Less expensive is awesome.

    smooches. and: good luck! with the packing. : )

  3. simply sending you *hugs* and you know where to find me if you need to…

    i have to say i’m a bit surprised about the ventura-idea though. but being close to family is always good. and i’m sure we can still meet up when we come in november. a trip to ventura doesn’t sound like a bad idea anyways. i hope we will book today but i’ll let you know for sure. and then let the countdown begin :)

    the next weeks will be busy and probably stressful but at least you’re moving on together and things can really only get better, right? *smoochies*

  4. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get settled again. I’m sending good wishes!

  5. just by the way: IT’S TIME TO UPDATE YOUR COUNTDOWN!!! wohoooo! :)

  6. man, you’re fast! :D wohoooo! MWHA!

  7. whoho – what?

    Don’t know what to say, I’m still overwhelmed by those news. You always didn’t like it that much in LA and I think Ventura is good for you – just because it’s smaller. But now when you are flying in and out all the time isn’t that worse? I remember that at night you can be as fast as 15 min to get to LAX from Westwood. And now it’s so much longer. So J has to pick you up everytime? How does that work?
    (Still confused about your quick changes)
    Hug, Susi

  8. Hi Sannie,

    wow, that’s big news!! So many changes in the next few weeks. That’s exciting and sad at the same time…. I can understand that you feel torn. Well, but as Kim said, at least you are moving on together!!

    When are you going to start your new job?

    I’ll email you later… Jess

  9. i dont know why i just feel so sad right now. i just met your world over there, and i can picture you and j in all those places you mentioned above and now you are moving out…but i also understand all your reasons, but still its sad. i get attached to places too fast as well, except to this one, i just cant get used to it. i hope you will be happy with move, i wish you strength to get through all the stress. i am here for you if you need to talk. but you probably wont have any time. :) love ya

  10. Well they all sound like good changes though so I’m excited for you!!! I’m sure Ventura will be nice to live at, your trip there always sound great! Should be nice to live close to J’s family, too seeing that yours is so far away :(.
    So yay, I’m excited! Don’t think about it too much, just do it and you’ll be fine! Smoochie!

  11. wow, big news from you side again. wow. it all makes sense what you wrote. and if you both feel ok in ventura why not. if you drive 45 mins through the maniac traffic of l.a. to meet aaron for practise or if you drive down an hour. doesn’t make a huge change, right?
    wishing you luck with all you have to do an organize. whenever you need an ear to talk, i am here!

  12. Wow, sounds exciting! I’m sure you’ll be really busy from now on. But I’ll still try to call you later!

  13. Congrats on the new job! Can you tell us more? (I’m just being nosey, I guess — so feel free to ignore that question.) My brother lives in CA and also has to maintain two residences for work purposes. Well, three if you count his sailboat that he sometimes spends the night on.

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