Monthly recap | March


Reading is still slow…. still reading the same book (all month. Sigh). I actually had to re-borrow it from (a different) library because I didn’t get through it in 3 weeks.  


I’ve cooked modified versions of this tortellini soup. One time, we used ground beef instead of sausage, another time with had spinach tortellini and extra spinach instead of kale. This is such a quick and delicious dinner!


Happy Feet” (for the first time!)(★★★★☆)

So cute! I really enjoyed this one.

Christopher Robin” (★★★★★)

This movie was so lovely. I urge you to watch it sometime.

Do you see a pattern? I’ve been watching quite a few children’s movies lately. I just need something uplifting and feel-good at the end of the week. Nothing too sad or dramatic or action-packed.

Oh, and I watched an episode of “Tatort” (translation: “crime scene”), which is a German crime series, at my friend Tanja’s house last weekend and it was so fun because I hadn’t watched an episode of that show in a long, long time.


I’ve listened to “Pod Save America“ (the only podcast I will regularly listen to) and also downloaded “SkimmThis”, the podcast that goes with The Skimm emails. News compressed into a roughly 10 minute (week)daily pod. Maybe I can manage that?


I feel like I bought a  lot of things this month: flights, a bike (well that was technically  a gift, but if you’re married, it comes out of the household budget), hotel  reservations, dresses. Does spending money make you uneasy sometime?


I ran 55.5 miles this month. I rode my bike a couple of times and then I threw in a cycling class with my friend Tanja last weekend (which was awesome and I might start doing that more often for cross-training).


+ As you know, I had a great birthday. In fact, I had a pretty good birthday month!

+ I’ve ridden my bike to the Farmer’s Market and I can’t wait for the weather to be more agreeable to bike riding.

+ As mentioned in my Currently post, I finally booked my flight(s) to Germany and I couldn’t be more excited to finally go home for a visit again.

+ I went shopping for dresses this month (I’ll have a wedding and communion to attend in Germany) and man, I have a hard time finding something that I like. I used to enjoy weekend shopping trips, but for some reason, spending hours upon hours going through clothes’ racks has become less and less appealing to me. Where do you shop for clothes these days?

+ My position was advertised earlier this month. (I am currently on a  term appointment that cannot be converted, but I have to apply to a new “vacancy”). I didn’t expect this to happen before the summer, but I am glad they’re getting the ball rolling early.

+ I got to work on one of my favorite projects at work this week and that, of course, made this whole month awesome.

+ I spent the last weekend in March visiting my friend Tanja in SoCal. It was nice to get away for weekend. We got some (much needed) girl time and we had so much fun! I’ll tell you all about it in a separate post (because yes, it warrants its own post!).

How was your March?

  1. I also do not enjoy shopping at all. I like having new things but I don’t like spending money and I don’t like browsing in stores. My favorite store in Banana Republic. There is one downtown so I can shop there over lunch. They often have 40% off sales so I will only buy things during a sale. I like their style of clothing so don’t deviate much from shopping there!

    My March was pretty good. It started off with Paul’s first birthday party. It was fun seeing so much family! We started swimming lessons which has been really fun. I hope Paul enjoys them more and more over the next several months. He was pretty unsure about it the first week!

    1. Ah, you told me about Banana Republic before. I haven’t shopped there in ages. Must check out again! :)

  2. I feel you on only reading one book in March. I enjoyed the one I read, but I wish I had made time for more books. That’s my goal in April. Christopher Robin is on my list to see, I’m glad to hear it is good! I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Some months are just slow when it comes to reading. I hope you can pick up your pace in April :) (also: watch Christopher Robin. So cute and witty!)

  3. Spending money makes me uneasy sometimes for sure. I think a big part of it is having a house and worrying that something could go wrong at any time and should we have splurged on that vacation? Answer is to that is always yes 😊 I’m so glad you have vacations and flights in the stars for you soon, too!

    Christopher Robins and Happy Feet are also both on my list! I need to up my reading game; goodreads reminded me this morning that I’m 9 books behind schedule! 😳

    Hope you have a lovely weekend (ps— would love to see the tortellini recipe, if you have one to share!).

    1. I am glad I am not alone feeling “uneasy” about spending money (although I do enjoy it for certain things!).

      Here’s the (original) tortellini recipe:

  4. Thanks for the reminder to watch Christopher Robins. It’s been on my list but hasn’t bubbled to the top. Enjoy April!

    1. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did.

  5. I haaaaate spending money. It never makes me feel good, only anxious. I feel like March ended up being a very “spend-y” month and so will April, since I’m traveling this month so I’m really hoping to have a frugal few months after my trip to recover. Whew!

    1. Ugh, I am sorry you also hate spending money…. I wonder why it makes me so uneasy to see money come and go from my accounts.

  6. I love seeing a month recap with photos – such a cool collage you have for March.
    Sounds like a good month and I hope you are enjoying your bike :)

    That soup sounds really good.

    I think a person’s attitude to money depends on alot. Growing up in my parent’s house I used to be made to feel guilty if I spent money on myself. Wasteful was a favourite term of theirs if I bought something that wasn’t 100% essential like a new cellphone cover (I was like 20 years old!) My parents have their own attitude towards money (they always spent it on others (I did not fall part of this category) and spoiling yourself was frowned on). It took a while to realise that I don’t have to let their attitude affect me as an adult. I am finding it easier to spoil myself now and try not to feel bad.

    This topic could be a blog post all on its own!

    1. You’re so right – the money topic could be a blog post on its own. I think you’re right that a person’s attitude has a lot to with how your grow up, although I don’t feel my parents made me feel guilty about spending money. I’ve always been a more frugal person and in Germany, the concept of credit cards is not really a thing (so you have to save up for something if you want it).
      I always “valued” my money and don’t feel bad spending it on something that I really want. I guess just the whole adult thing of earning and having to spend that money on grown-up things throws me for a loop every once in a while.

  7. Sounds like a really good month! All birthday months should be wonderful. I’m not the biggest clothes shopper – I can’t do it for long or I get tired of it. LOL I like Target and Old Navy – they usually have some cute things, and ON is usually pretty good with dresses!


    1. I swear, most of my clothes these days are from Target and ON :)

  8. 2019 has been a tough year and it’s only April!
    In March my Kindle died. I decided to splurge and get the Galaxy Tab S4. Now besides reading books, I can do so much more. It weighs 2 pounds in the case. Easy to travel.
    I made my vacation reservations for June. I can hardly wait.
    I opted for a new hairstyle. Just a little shorter and sassy!
    Spent far too much time in March fixing computers.

    1. I am sorry to hear that 2019 has been tough so far… but a new hair cut and a vacation on the horizon sound great!

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