Yes, I admit it. I am an impatient person. I can’t help it.

My Dad called a couple of hours ago to let me know that their flight from Paris was delayed and that they didn’t make their connecting flight in Montreal :( They won’t be getting into LAX before tomorrow around noon.


I’ve been antsy all day and couldn’t wait to see them at the airport tonight and now I have to wait another 14 hours.

I guess I will survive. They have 3,5 weeks to make up for it ;)

P.S. Because I had to kill time this afternoon, I did the whole beauty program: I took a bath, dyed my hair and did a French manicure and pedicure. Now I am all ready for my visitors :)

  1. now that sucks. same thing happened to me when i met with matt once, we were going to meet in boston for only 3 days.. i was totally excited to see him and then it turned out he missed his flight and is coming 12 hours later. the anticipation almost killed me.

    so again.. have a WONDERFUL time with your family!

  2. i’m sorry hun. but you know there’s a reason for everything. maybe you were supposed to greet your family with pretty nails and a new haircolor. who knows? HAVE FUN and don’t you update! you’re supposed to enjoy every singe second with them :) oh and tell them “hi” from me, will ya? *smoochies*

  3. Ah bummer! Well the main thing is that they make it to LAX safe and sound! I hope they got to see a bit of Montreal before boarding again!

    And hey at least you got to spoil yourself a bit. ;-)

    Hope they’re there by now!!
    Smooch! Have fun!!

  4. Oh no! Thats too bad!

    Like your hair!

  5. That sucks, honey. But you’re still have a great time!

    Love the new hair color!

  6. I am too chicken to color my own hair!

    Have fun with the family.

  7. I hope they have made it safe and sound to L.A. by now. Have a wonderful time together!

  8. Wow, what a shiny picture of you. Think you can take this for the SPF. ;-) To bad to hear that you need to wait longer. Have a niece and fantastic time with your family.

  9. Well sounds like you made good use of your time. I didn’t know your parents are visiting for that long, that is awesome. Have the best time together!

  10. I totally understand not wanting to wait any longer!! Hope you guys have a great visit!

  11. Hey that looks super!
    Don’t worry they will be there soon!

  12. Sorry about your parents…
    I really like your hair!

  13. have a great time with your family and i hope they made it safe to l.a. and making a beauty day before ppl come over or just in general is a good thing:-)

  14. You are so cute. I have been craving a pedicure like crazy. Soon, soon.

  15. Soo? I hope they got there ok. Have a great time!!!!!

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