Seize the opportunity

I am a big fan of seizing opportunities. It’s a matter of efficiency for me, as well as convenience. Killing two birds with one stone? Even better!

I’ll be sent to a work-related training event in September. Yes! This is überexciting for two reasons, a) I’ll finally, after two years on the job, get my first official training (in a software program that I’ve been using for over a year already, thank you very much!) and b) since this training will take place in Alabama, I’ll be seizing the opportunity to jump over the big pond and visit my parents for their 60th birthdays! I’ll be half way across the country at that point anyway and what better excuse than to take advantage of this geographical vantage ground? (Not that I need excuses to go home, but whatevs.)

In case you didn’t get that the first time and need it spelled out (I sure do!):

I am going to GO TO GERMANY! For 9 WHOLE days! :)

(I know, only someone with 10 vacation days per year can get excited about the length of this trip, and no, I won’t be using up all my vacation time with this, because I have accumulated so much overtime!) And it’s only a month away!
I am not quite sure what I want to do first: jump up from my chair and run around the office, frantically waving my arms and exclaiming “I am going home!” or pick up the phone and call my sister to tell her the good news.
(Ok, scratch that, my sister knows already!
That leaves option one, so hold on a second.  I’ll be back.)

Ok,  moving on.

I know this all comes a little bit unexpected, but to be honest, I didn’t even think it was a possibility at all until the work-related trip to Alabama came up a few weeks ago. I remember thinking: Is this a sign? This MUST BE a sign! Am I supposed to be in Germany for my parents’ birthdays? It sure looks like it! Somebody (the universe?) wants me to go! (THANKS, universe!)

I checked with my boss if it was ok to take some personal leave after the workshop, I checked with my sister if this was a good time to come (read: see if my parents were actually planning a birthday celebration during this time!) and then I started looking for flights.
It’s going to be a painfully short trip, but so well worth it!

Who wants to welcome me at the airport?  Who?

  1. OMG – how exiting! This is great! AND you will see Greta again. Good for you.
    Ps: I LOVE the word “überexiting”. Haha.

  2. youre going to germany in september? me too! what are the dates and where will you be?

  3. i am going to welcome you at the train station, how’s that? :) OMG, i cannot WAIT and i’m SO happy for you! HDGDL!

  4. Oh San, I am so excited and happy for you!!! And you will get to see Greta!!!!! Yay!!!! I’m up and doing a happy dance for you!

  5. YAAAAAAAAY! time to celebrate :)

  6. awesomeness. so happy for you!!!! can you take me with you? lol. This is really great, and 9 days is a long time. We only go for 7 at the most!!!! HDGDL

  7. Good to hear you so happy! :-) Is it gonna be a surprise for your parents? :-) YAY!

  8. Well, when is that going to be in September? Are you going to be in Bremen too? We will be there to visit my parents and because the hubby has to attend a training in Hannover for a week. So if you feel like meeting a complete stranger who just by chance stumbled across your blog and likes reading it for a coffee…let me know :)

  9. That’s great and very exciting! You must be so happy! Enjoy your trip!!

  10. if i would have a car, i would come to welcome u. :-) i wish i could get out of Germany,but it looks like i’m gonna loose my will expire in March and i hate it. I just want to go home so badly. well if it’s okay with u that i would welcome u at the airport,let me know the date and time.i’m gonna try to be there. :-)

  11. Yeah! I really understand your excitment – I’m going home in 13 days!
    Would love to see you running around and waving your arms!
    I’m glad that you are going to see your family!
    Have fun in Alabama

  12. woohoo! That is so exciting! :)

  13. Congrats on getting to go back home! Isn’t overtime GREAT?! We get comp time so for all the random Saturdays and Sundays I end up working, I build up time off. My husband works at the same place I do and has for over a year now and he has yet to take any vacation time due to all the comp time he’s built it. I love it!

  14. Me, me! :) Bin doch jetzt auch wieder in D und vielleicht lernen wir uns so ja endlich mal persönlich kennen. ;)

  15. tell me your flightdates and i will be welcoming you at the airport.

  16. I’m so excited for you! I know your family will be so happy to see you and you will be so happy to see them!

  17. Hey Hey, ich glaub ich brauch jetzt auch mal ein Passwort :) *liebguck*

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