I have more time when I am working…

this is just hilarious… I have more time to update my diary and keep in touch when I am working :) if that makes sense. I’ve been kind of busy the last few days with visiting my relatives and spending time with my family… the days just flew by.
I think, I almost tricked the jetleg, because I didn’t feel too exhausted the last few days, because I had managed to get into a normal sleeping pattern when I got back. Funnily enough, I usually can’t sleep before 1 or 2 a.m., but get up at 8 or 9 a.m… we’ll see how long that takes to bring me down ;)

On Thursday, my sister and I took my great-aunt grocery shopping and spent the afternoon with her. We had a really great time and she was really happy to have me around. Friday I tried to clean out my closet. It’s amazing how many old clothes you keep that you will for sure never wear again :) Then I spent the afternoon with my sister. We went shopping and had ice cream from my favorite ice cream parlor :) then my sister cooked dinner for me and we watched TV and chatted until 3 a.m. – I guess we had some catching up to do ;)

We – or to be honest – I slept till 12:30 p.m., then my sister woke me up for breakfast :) On the way to my parents’ house, we stopped at Nina’s close friends, Yvonne and Sascha, who have a little daughter that I hadn’t seen in two years. She is 3 now and so cute :)

She was totally crazy jumping up and down and putting on a show and Nina said that she is usually very shy with strangers, but that she seemed to like me :)
We had dinner with my parents and some family friends. My Mom made Weisswürstel, bayerischen Kartoffelsalat und Laugenbrezeln :) soooo good. I am really spoiled ;)

This morning I played tennis with my sister and my dad… we had so much fun! It was great to play on a clay court again… in the US there are mostly concrete courts, very annoying ;)

Well, that’s my update… I’ll go and spend some time in my old room trying to clean up some more of my closets :) oh yeah, and I just can’t wait, because I am going to meet Sanni tomorrow *woohoo* :) that’s so amazing!

  1. ?:yes: sometimes it’s weird, when i am at my parents house days fly by like crazy and when i have to leave it felt like only being there for a couple of hours, so enjoy your stay and see you soon!??:love:

  2. ?:lol: Work is kinda relaxing, isn´t it???:lol:
    I am glad you are having such a fantastic time with your family. I am sooooooooooooo excited to meeting you on the one hand…but on the other hand I can´t believe I am going to meet you??:eek:
    I sooooooooo can´t wait to see you
    12 hours counting…??:heartbeat:
    Lots of Love

  3. enjoy every minute of it, sweety ;-) and i hope you’re gonna have a great time with sanni! we’ll finally meet on friday, which is so cool. and i fell like sanni about it. on the one hand it feels like the most normal thing in the world to meet up with you guys, on the other hand i almost can’t believe it!! :-D so i’ll see you soon!!

  4. Great to read you’re having a good time at home! Ohhh, Weißwürstl, Kartoffelsalat and Brezn sounds sooo good. I have had Kartoffelsalat and Brezn but no Weißwürstl yet (since I came back). Yummy!

  5. Cathi: It’s called “Weißwürschtl” not “Weißwürstel”??
    Guys don’t ruin the bavarian language!??:wink:
    I am glad that you have so much fun over here in germany. Have fun with Sanni today!
    ?:heartbeat: ya and thanks for the call??:spinning:
    ?:wave: Susi

  6. oh how nice! i could go for some german food. sniff. anyway, you are meeting sanni today?????:lookaround:? i wanna come!!! :-( have a good time though, i bet you will anyways.??:heartbeat: ya

  7. hello my??:sunny: i knew you were that damn busy when everybody wants to have you around. but it’s cool to spend so much time with your folks isn’t it? how was it to drive in to good old grevenbroich again? it must have been hilarious. lol?:lol: can you believe it? i updated today and that’s my first post in ages….?:wink: i will try to catch up everybodies diary tonight before i do anything else and another day is gone and i have to do something else. how annoying to never have time to do anything.?:rolleyes: i can imagine how much you enjoy the german food homemade by mommy?:wink: it’s so good to be spoiled, isn’t it? hope you and sanni had a brilliant time yesterday.
    ?:heartbeat: ya and hope to talk to you later,

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