Bread 101

Ok, people, so here’s a little quiz for you. What is wrong with the following picture:


[If you really can’t find anything wrong with this picture, click on it for further reference.]

I admit it.

I am a bread addict.

I am very critical with my bread, because bread does not equal bread.
I’ve been looking around at different stores and I have been somewhat successful in finding bread that is pretty decent. It’s nothing compared to German bread, but it’s pretty good. Anything is better than ‘white bread’ [= toast], right?! Please bear with me, my dear American readers, I don’t want to sound rude, but you just don’t have real bread in the US. Coming from the land of bread, I am just not easily satisfied ;)

This up there is my latest discovery. When it caught my eye, I was a little bit confused by the label? “Schwartz Brot”? What is that? But I didn’t want to argue over the label, because it looked, smelled and felt pretty good. It’s a mixed rye and wheat bread with a crispy crust and a dense texture. It tastes pretty good, too :)

I haven’t found a store yet that sells the flour that I need to bake my Mom’s “Schwarzbrot” [black bread = whole grain bread] which looks like this, but I’ll keep looking. Oh, it’s so yummy.


Oh yeah, talking about baking, I’ve baked my first Christmas goodies this weekend. It’s the 2nd of advent and I thought if I can’t have my Dad’s homemade cookies, I have to bake some myself :)
We put up some Christmas decoration this weekend and it rained yesterday, so it felt a little bit more like winter! We spent most of the day with J’s parents yesterday and J’s Mom and I did some Christmas shopping. It was fun, but I am still not done and I do have to get my Christmas cards out this week… so be in the lookout, you might get one as well ;)

  1. I know, I know!!! How is that white bread SCHWARZbrot?

    Oh, when I read your whole entry I realized that they even mis-spelled schwarz. That is so funny. I need some REAL bread too. Good luck finding good bread.

  2. I think all of us Germans abroad have some kind of bread issue. Glad you found something quite tasty already, even though it’s not the real thing! It’s a good bit in the way! Have a great week sweets!

  3. Oh it rained?! So we have the same weather as you guys have in CA! Ha! ;-)
    I totally hear you that you miss bread but what you got doesn’t look too bad (even if it’s not Schwarzbrot…)

  4. oh how much was it? 5$? I once and never again got some whole grain bread at a little bakery in Illinois and it was 6$!! Ridiculous!

  5. I was going to say that it didn’t look that dark for being black bread… but I’ve never had schwartzbrot, so I can’t really compare.

    And I totally agree with you; bread does not equal bread.

  6. Hehe when i read this i was like “schwarzbrot??”
    I have bread issues too, and it’s very hard to satisfy me so i usually buy my bread at this little italian store and (even though it doesnt come close to bread in germany) its pretty good ;-)

  7. Yeah, you found one! Thats good – so much better to live in USA with REAL bread!

    Miss ya very much!

  8. There is a bakery in Maine that does good German bread. I can get it here in Boston and several supermarkets. Otherwise, I bake my own. ;) Want the recipe? :)

  9. it actually looks pretty good for american bread. nothing like your mom’s schwarzbrot of course (SO yummi!) but pretty good. also, i miss you girl! *smooches*

  10. just just made me sooo hungry! damn. that looks like awesome bread. tasty!!!! i think i will buy some bread mixes in germany and take them back over here, i love the smell of fresh bread. any verizon news yet love? i hope i can start texting you soon! hugs

  11. We have a large freezer in our basement and so we order 3- 3 pound loaves of Klosterbrot from a German baker in Toronto. OMG, it is soooo good! That with some tee wurst and I am in heaven!

  12. lol i just realized i red your entry a few days ago but haven’t posted for some reason. silly me. i was smiling when i red your entry, because it’s so you;-) well, so us. because of course that bread wasn’t schwarzbrot. are you able to get the ingredients for your mom’s bread over there?

  13. You are right! German bread is far better than the pre-fab American bread. No offense can be taken! We have a German bakery nearby where we go when we need real bread. However, it is expensive. Both my husband and I agree — we want your recipes! Maybe that is your new goal in life: to teach Americans how to make really good bread. What do you think?

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