Good news!

Hey everyone. What a crazy week. I was so busy with work and then I finally got the big news: They are going to pay me soon! I am so happy!

Unfortunately, they can only pay me part time (20 hours), but it’s better than nothing. I had to apply for a social security card and I am kind of mad they didn’t tell me earlier about that, because it can take up to 4 weeks to check my visa status and issue this card for me. I hope it’ll go faster.

My weekend was awesome. J and I were out Saturday all day. We went to Lafayette Reservoir, walked for 6 miles and talked. It was so great. Then we got some dinner from Wendy’s and drove up into the Oakland Hills to wait for the sunset. It was so beautiful!!

  1. congrats on the new paycheck! ~Jenn

  2. I got my SSCard in 6 days! So hopefully this is a good time and things aren’t any different in CA!!

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