The computer is [mostly] your friend…

I heart my computer…. well, my notebook that is.
It’s like my portable friend that I can take wherever I want.
I mostly love it for the fact that it connects me with my friends that I can’t see on a daily basis. No, it -of course- doesn’t make up for a real conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee, but it is amazing what the computer can do for you and how easy it is to keep in touch.
It’s a relieving feeling, too, now that I move so far away from [at least some of] my friends.

In the past few weeks, I have tried to convince quite some people of the advantages of computers and the Internet. I am a geek when it comes to computers and even though I’ve never attended a computer class, I have gained quite some knowledge through “learning by doing”.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day at my aunt’s and tried to teach her how to write and send emails. She is 57 and has never really been exposed to computers and I was somewhat astonished realizing that she really had no idea how to start the computer or how to use the mouse. It has become such an integral part of today’s life that it seems strange somehow if someone doesn’t know how to handle a computer AT ALL.

A lot of people are totally overwhelmed by the complexity of computers. My sister, for example, had a really hard time accepting that she won’t be able to live a life as a teacher without a computer. Now that she has learned how to work with it, she definitely sees the advantages, but she needed to come a long way.
My aunt was already ready to throw in the towel after the first 15 minutes, but I have a persevering personality and the good news is, she has learned how to receive and send emails and I’ll be able to communicate with her when I am gone ;)

P.S. Kim should be in Chicago by now reunited with her honey. Sweetie, I am beyond happy for you! Have a fantastic time! *smooch*

  1. That’s fantastic that you taught your aunt and you can now stay in touch! Good for you!

  2. Believe me, I know what you mean. I took me 2 years to explain to my mom that when I move, my email address moves with me. It was so cute. Every time I’d move she’d be all worried about the email….and she is a bright woman, but wow, that took a while.Now she has a desktop really just because I live so far away and she’s is getting braver with using it. Too cute!

  3. I always get frustated teaching my mom computer stuff. Although I’m really proud that she is so into it. She can email, burn CDs, type up her recepies and save them (sometimes we have a hard time finding them on the harddrive though…) and she is really good with her cellphone too. She writes textmessages just as fast as I am.

    I just had to smile at your story Ulli. That is so cute! But our parents grew up in times of snail mail. And back in the days you couldn’t just keep your address when you moved…

  4. It’s the same with my Mom. It’s really strange because she would repair electrical outlets and stuff, things that I would be much more scared of. But she is somehow so afraid that she would break the computer by pressing a wrong button or so, that she just won’t touch it. And even though Jörgen who works as a programmer and Network engineer can’t get that fear out of her. He is a really good and patient teacher, but her fear is just not to overcome.
    So all my respect to your teaching and persuasion skills!

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