My current crushes

My current crushes  Â

1. Beehouse Tea Pot – I’ve had that tea pot for a while now, but now that we actually have tea-weather I’ll be using it much more often.

2. Greta – my cute little niece. I cannot stop talking to my sister about her. I want to know every little thing she does until I can go and snuggle with her.

3. Cherry Blossom Hand Cream – I LOVE L’Occitane products and my latest find is this really awesome hand cream. And it smells good, too!

4. Steve Madden Vanity Pumps -  I have a crush on these shoes. I saw them at Nordstrom’s Rack but unfortunately not my size :(

5. Aquis Hair Towel – I did not believe that it would actually make a difference, but these hairtowels are fantastic!

6. Religulous – I am not intending to stir up religious controversy, but if you are up for a good laugh and also some pretty neat argumenting, I highly recommend this movie.

7. Apple Pie from Trader Joe’s – Trader Joe’s has awesome products and my latest crush is on their single serving Apple Pie. So yummy!

8. 7forallmankind – I just bought one of their pair of jeans recently and totally love it!

9. Ryan Goseling – he’s hot! I think I watched “The Notebook” one too many times lately :)

So, what are your current crushes?

  1. Oh great, now I have to spend many an hour on that Beehouse site. I love their stuff!

    I’m still stuck on Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar and really, all their products. And my new favorite perfumes, Escentric Molecules 01 and Indult Tihota. Sometimes I even, gasp, wear them together! Love your list!

  2. Ah little Greta! I bet you can hardly wait to meet her in person!

  3. my current crush is my tub;-) and my bf:-) but i would be down for some apple pie right now. lol

  4. nice behind! :) haha. em ryan gosling? oh my gosh, drool! you should have used the picture of me and him and our son. oh wait, never mind…haha. and hand cream is awesome, i love cherry so that sounds like an interesting mix! i think i have a crush on gossip girl :)

  5. i am currently crushing on twilight, raspberry tea, pita and humus, my dvr and my oh so comfy sweats. i need cold weather stat.

  6. Hi! Just found your web site from Jen’s comments at I’m looking forward to reading more from your blog :)

    I am just starting to get into tea. I love cold sweet tea, but the weather here (Florida) is normally too hot to drink hot tea. Every once in awhile, though, I make it.

  7. I liked the topic from the start, especially the pictures and now I finally have some time to reply with thought.

    My current crushes … without nice pictures :(

    1. Basketball, to be precise wheelchair basketball. I play since a year and absolutely love it. Every game, every training, the sweat, blisters, every ache afterwards, the adrenalin, and the team spirit.
    I used to play pool billard, but it’s not close as good as Basketball and does not involve much team game.
    2. Walks with my dog, sometimes 7am or late at night when no one else is around. It clears my head, I love the silence, fresh air and the rush of feeling that everything is possible.
    3. Autumn – for a couple of years my favorite season, the colours, sound of leaves and I just like cold fresh air around my nose ;)
    4. My new job it’s so exciting to start new opportunities and face challenges. I sometimes fear, I sometimes doubt, but I always come back strong and brave, because fear should never have the lead in my life.
    5. It’s getting hard to think of my 5. current crush, there are many ongoing life crushes (if I can call it that), but I know, it’s gotta be Facebook. I just discovered it, hated it when I started because it’s sooo confusing, but by now I check it 3 times a day and just love to check my friends status and chat about this and that ;)

    Anyways, nice layout with the pics. Is that a website specific feature? I do love photography, with not much time on my hand, a great camera (EOS 500D) and the unwillingness to pay for Flickr, but maybe we can have a little idea/ technique brainstorming exchange about photography one day.

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