Back in the reading business

As some of you might recall, I used to be in a book club when we lived in Davis a few years ago. It was a fun group of people and I was quite crushed when members of the book club started to move away and I eventually had to leave for Germany.

I had really enjoyed the company of our diverse book club members and really devoured the books that were recommended in turn by each of the members. The meetings [once a week] were always fun and talking about the books and what we liked and disliked about them was more inspiring and thought-provoking than I had ever imagined.
Reading has always been one of my favorite pastime and my Mom said that I would carry a book with me wherever I went as soon as I had started to learn how to read in school. Reading by yourself is awesome, but getting to talk with people about the book that you’re reading is even better!

Through a fellow blogger, I have now joined an online book club again which has just been formed a couple of days ago. It’s something I wanted to do for a very long time, but I was hesitant to join an already existing book club online with people I don’t know. Not that I really know any of my new book club members personally, but they all have blogs, we can get to know each other by reading about each other’s lives and also share our reading experiences. Simply perfect!

I will miss the fact that we can’t get together and have coffee/tea and desserts during our meetings, but maybe we can share dessert recipes once in a while ;)

  1. oh bookclub! Fantastic!
    Have fun Sweets!

  2. i really enjoyed the stories of your weekly bookclub back then, and you might remember i would have loved having this over here,too. but since most of my friends don’t enjoy reading, for whatever reason, i never got anything like that together. but an online book club sounds like a good solution.

  3. Hmm, there is no bookclub in SAC??

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