SPF – the awful truth


Kristine is awfully curious this week about our deep and hidden secrets… so let’s make this a little therapy session :) Here are the answers to this week’s assignment:

1. Something you have outgrown…


OMG! My old Doc Martens. I LOVED them… and I just remembered that they are still in my closet. You probably won’t believe me that they once used to be blue suede, since they are FAR from it now. I’ve worn them like ALL THE TIME and they have been to quite some festivals [= dirt, mud, and the like]. I think that’s where they lost their beautiful color. Yeah, and don’t they look USED?! I don’t think I can pull them off anymore.

2. Something you have overcome..


I have overcome being that shy and timid child that I used to be. As a kid, I would always cling to my Mom’s or Dad’s lap and they had a hard time making me stay at someone else’s house over night. I was always afraid to ask or stand up for myself and hadn’t it been for my sister, I would have been a very difficult child in this regard. Fortunately, Nina always made sure that I was ok and sorted things out for me.
It is kind of ironic that I have grown up to be a very self-confident and independent person that has chosen to live on another continent. My parents would never have thought of me that way- well, the tables have turned, I guess.

3. I need help with…


… my drinking habits. Seriously. I drink so little. I can barely finish a bottle of water during the day. Coffee [with lots of milk] and tee work much better for me, but still, I have a very hard time taking in fluids. I am just almost never thirsty, so I always forget about it. I’ve been trying to force myself for a week now to keep a “drinking journal” and have been putting a 1,5l bottle Volvic on my desk everyday. If I don’t finish it by the time I want to go to bed, I pound it then. Yeah, probably not the best idea [as I have to get up once or twice every night to go pee], but maybe that way I can teach myself to drink more during the day. Bah… I hate it. Do you have any good advice for me? Anyone?

So I hope you played. Let Kristine and us know if you did!!

  1. oh i loved my doc martens, too. i can’t believe you still have them and they used to be blue suede… san our rebel going to festivals and all :)

    and that baby-picture of you is SO CUTE. i guess the time abroad was a big and important thing for you to do – it certainly was for me – when it comes to “finding yourself” and growing into a strong and self-confident person. i actually talked about that with nina on your wedding day. how she can’t really imagine leaving your hometown and you move to a different country now and that it was so different when you were kids. ;)

    i do the same thing with the water. i have a 1l bottle i fill up every morning at work and if i haven’t finished it by the time i go home, i pound it then. same thing in the evenings at home. i try at least another liter and usually get up to pee at least once during the night. ;)

    *smooches* and i’ll see you in a week! :D

  2. Gosh, I LOVED my Doc Martens as well. Still have them, having a really hard time to throw shows. When they are really broken and can’t be worn anymore, they at least have to lie for another year resting.

    That cute picture of you as a kid was a really great choice for desribing your personality then, I think!

    And the water issue: I’m still keeping up with the drinking the same way as you do. I think I really gotten a little used to it now, it’s easier to finish my pitcher and I don’t have to pee as much anymore. I add some lime, cucumber or lemon to the water in a 1,3 l pitcher I keep in the fridge. Like the taste better that way.

  3. hey sweetie,
    i had to laugh when i saw the top of the volvic bottle. sandra, drink;-) i know how hard it is for you. have to fill you with water next week;-)
    by the way hon, do you also want to make color next week?
    i know it’s so hilarious about how the tables turned with you and nina. remember her being the rebell. and how it all changed during the years. and you know what? i still remember those doc martens. lol;-)
    have a nice weekend my dear smooch

  4. Docs = love!!! I think there are many of us who loved our Docs. I still happen to wear a pair because they’re pretty much the only shoe I’m comfortable in.

    I need to overcome my shy side now. When I’m around people I’m comfortable with, I’m outgoing, etc… but get me in a room with a bunch of people I don’t know? I’m the one hanging out around the edge, or at the food table.

    Water… yes it can be a challenge. It’s great that you’re trying though.

    Although I wanted to, I didn’t play this week. Too much to do, like write novels about my wedding week.

    Have a great weekend, San!

  5. My doc martens aren’t much better – I have to use a black marker on the end every time I want to wear them. Great shoes.

    I played, too.

  6. I guess I’m the only one that hasn’t had a pair of doc martens…lol. I tend not to drink enough water too and cute baby picture; you do look shy in it.

    Great SPF! I played.

  7. Those are some well used Docs!

    The photo of you as a little one is so sweet- your shyness really shows in that one.

    I love Volvic water. I just force myself to drink all day long by keeping a fresh bottle at hand on my desk. It helps, but it isn’t easy!

    Happy SPF and thanks for stopping by mine.

  8. Oh the water! LOL I completely understand. There are days where I am just done! with the water. But, it really is a good thing and I can tell a difference (how my clothes and jewelry fit) when I drink enough.

    Happy SPF! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. ha – i do have problems with that drinking thing too. Why do we have to drink (and than pee) anyways???
    I played!

  10. I always wanted a pair of Docs but never got ’em :(

    I drink a lot of water … but I pee a lot! It’s just habit now.

    I played :)

  11. Good pictures. I just carry a bottle with me all the time. I make myself drink it. Your body needs water, a lot of your body is made of water and if you are thirsty, then you are dehydrated.
    I played too.

  12. I guess Doc Martens have been after my time — yes, I’m that old! ;-)

    I have a hard time drinking enough liquid, too, especially water. I count my coffee and diet beverages because they contain water, don’t they? ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Wow, those are definitely well-used shoes! I can’t believe they used to be blue!

    I played!

  14. I, too, have never had a pair of Doc Martins. Maybe someday.

    What a cute child you were!!

    Water? The only way I can drink it is from the store or out of the fridge, it has to be ice cold and settled.

  15. I SO can relate to your second and third picture. I was just like that as a kid. Shy, quiet… I’m still kinda shy sometimes but not like I used to be. I also think that spending some time abroad helps with that.

    And I don’t drink enough. I have to force myself to drink most of the time. Here I usually carry around a waterbottle but when I leave it in the car for a while it gets HOT. So I dump it. And I get headaches when I don’t drink enough water. So I am really tring to drink more. Someone once told me to keep a glass of water in every room of the house. Whenever you go in a room, drink the water. Just don’t forget to refill the glass! :o) Maybe you should try that.

  16. I love Dr. Martens!! I have a pair that I have had since the 8th grade. They last forever!

    Aw, I love the picture of you as a child. :) Still beautiful.

  17. that pic is sooo cute. i ve been a shy kid also and am shy sometimes, but i try to not be. *g* concerning the drinking problem. put a bottle next to you if you use the internet/computer.. i usually drink a lot then out of boredom *lol* ~ have a sunny start of the week. :)

  18. Aww you were (and still are) cute!!!
    I need to drink more too. Good luck! It’s healthy…. Glug glug! :)

  19. soooo cute!!!!! you were such a cute baby, no worries you still look very good now. hehe. the shoes are fun, looks like you really wore them a lot. :-) i was too busy for spf again, damn i hate school. but i really like you! knutscha

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