I totally forgot…

… how much work it is to move.

Since J did the last move from Sacramento to LA all by himself [well, with the help of his friend] while I was in Germany, I forgot how much work it is to declutter, pack boxes, and clean up the old place AND then drive around, collect information, pick out a new place and move all your stuff from one place to another.

No, we haven’t found a new place yet – ha, that would have been kind a quick, now wouldn’t it? – but we’ve been apartment hunting for the last couple of days and I know that we’ll be very busy these coming weeks. In fact, it’ll be a double-move for me since I will also be looking for a place in Sacramento soon. Hopefully, the move up there will be a piece of cake compared to moving our whole household. I hope to find a roommate situation in a house or apartment in Sacramento and literally move up there with a few boxes. That would make things a lot easier.

So, have you guys had time to digest all this news?

Thank God, I adopted an attitude a while ago that would make me less worried about sudden changes in my life and make me feel less compelled to plan everything like months in advance. I think, now I am actually ok with it and wow, that’s a big step for me ;)

  1. being with an american man you HAD TO adopt that attitude… *rollseyes*
    you know me, i think everything happens for a reason. even when it’s sometimes hard to see it at first (or ever…) so i’m sure everything will work out just fine. and hey, when you’re busy time will fly and C and i will be there in no time! weheee!

    PS: let’s talk after the crazy weekend. A & J are coming tonight and i’ll be busy until we’re back from hamburg sunday night. after that, any time hun! i will try you as well. home# will still be fine for a while, right? *smooches*

  2. That’s a good attitute and I’m sure both your moves will work out well. Good luck finding a ncie place (or two)!!

  3. Oh I hate to move! I have promised myself that I will not move again ever!

  4. yeah, moving sucks. packing boxes, unpacking boxes. driving places. but well, that’s how it is now and i know you guys will get through it just fine. and i agree being married to an american you need to get used to moving;-)

  5. your life sure doesn’t get boring! i’m sure you know what you’re doing so ill just keep my fingers crossed that you’ll find a nice new place soon :)

  6. I guess I have that kind of attitude too. Since April. ;-) Happy househunting!

  7. Hi Sis

    WOW you are moving? at least it should be fun to look at new places…although i remember from our experience it starts out fun and exciting and by the end you just want to move in somewhere :-) Hang in there it wont be forever…..

    BUT if you think THAT’s big news… I can top ya………….I am pregnant again :-) yep I know I can barely keep up with work, greg and Sarah and now there is another one on the way :-) I go between thinking “oh my god I cant wait” to “dear god, what have we done?” lol I am at 9 weeks and all is going well, my obgyn is very happy with the scans he did last week so keep ya fingers crossed for me that I make it past the 12 week period :-)

    Love ya and miss ya like crazy…. and yes I will get back to my own blog entries next week. I have been slack ever since we got back!


  8. Good luck with the move! Well, finding a great place first. How long are you planning on staying in Ventura? Is this just temporary?

    Have a great weekend!!

  9. kim… you are right. everything happens for a reason and i am ok with it. yes, and let’s talk after the weekend. can’t wait ;) give antje a big hug from me.

    sanna…thank you sweetie.

    maribeth… i don’t like moving OUT, but moving IN is fun :)

    ilka… come on, haven’t i become the most flexible person you know?? :)

    infineon… thanks.

    susi… it’s a good attitude to have – something we’ve learned quickly here ;)

    cath… OMG! i emailed you hun.

    jess… yes, it might be temporary… for a couple of months anyways. we’ll see.

  10. Hey ho…
    THATS news. I am impressed you have that attitude, I wish, I had it, too.
    Take a deep breath, everything will work out just fine, promised.
    Thinking of you every day, while passing Grevenbroich station. :)

  11. oh boy you must be stressed out. but i am glad you found the right attitude! i am still working on that. :) wish you guys best of luck with the apartment hunting i am sure you will find something great!!!! love ya

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