I can see the sun!

What a beautiful morning. The sun is finally back… which is kind of ironic after I learned from the news yesterday that it had been raining for days in Bavaria and that Garmisch-Partenkirchen [where my dear friend Susi lives] is flooded and totally insulated. I totally freaked out and called her to make sure she’s ok. Fortunately, she is fine and her apartment didn’t get flooded either, but I talked to her on the phone today and she said that she had never experienced anything like that! She lives near the river Partnach that was partly responsible for all the water in the city. It’s kind of scary to think that water can have such powers! :( On Monday, I was kind of lazy. I didn’t do much at all. I played tennis with my sister in the afternoon and then watched her match against one of her teammates. Unfortunately she lost :(
Yesterday, my cousin Nicki picked me up at 1:30 p.m. and we went to a tattoo studio where she had her tattoo finished. She decided to get this huge tattoo on her back, reaching from her right shoulder down to her left hip. I personally would never get a tattoo. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I think it’s ugly, in fact, I really liked the motif that she picked out. I just can’t imagine having a tattoo myself.
Afterwards we went to her place and then my sister and my Mom joined us for a “Tupperabend” where someone comes to your house and presents tupperware®. I had never been to any kind of these home sales events :) but it was kind of funny and we also received a gift for free. So it was worth it *lol*

Enjoy the nice day, girls!

Edited: I should have mentioned that I didn’t buy anything (I think that stuff is way too expensive, too!), but the free gift was nice :)

  1. good to hear susi’s okay. hopefully it really is getting better now down there and the damage isn’t too horrible… the weather’s just all screwed up and it’s probably our own fault after what we’ve been doing to nature over the years… :(i’ve been to one tupperware-party before. it’s one of those things every woman should probably do once in her life. but i’m done after this one time. it was okay, the free gift was fine [ven though i gave it away] but the stuff is just way to expensive and one can only use so many tupperware-containers anyway… ;-) :-D you enjoy the :sunny: day, too. isn’t it awesome??? i love it :-D and do you think we’ll be able to manage a chat before you take off again?? just call me any time you feel like it, okay?

  2. ?:wave: sweetie,
    i am glad that your friend is ok down there. it is really freaking scary with the weathercircumstances down there. i remember how it was in the east 3 years ago. and one day we had this much rain in siegen,too. and our salon was flooded, too. you can’t imagine how fast water comes and how much it rouines and how much power it has. you can run away from fire but not from water.
    welcome to the circle of tupperware woman. i still don’t like all of it. but a few things are really good. but i still think they are way too expensive. but the free gift is always welcome…lol
    i am pretty excited what you will tell me tomorrwo?:wink:?:lol:?:p

  3. wow that is a big tattoo. i would never get one, (i think) hehe. dont like them much.tupperware partys. hehe. never have been to one. just heart that it is expensive. i just read about the flood, that is terrible. :-( glad your friend is ok though. enjoy the sunshine, big kiss from me??:heartbeat:

  4. I’m way tooo scared of needles to ever get a tatoo!! ;-) Each to their own though and I think sometimes tatoos can be quite sexy ;-).
    Tupperparties…. I love the free gifts but seriously, the stuff is ridiculously expensive!!! Might just stick with IKEA and buy new stuff once it’s yucky. Still cheaper and you can stay in fashion. lol.
    Hope there’s more??:sunny: tomorrow!

  5. Oh wow, that’s quite a huge one. But really beautiful!??:yes: Oliver told me that there is an ointment to put one right before you go?to the tattoo studio and I was told (from 3 persons that tried) that they didn’t feel pain..
    good to hear that your friend is ok! scary what happens right now!
    sending you some??:sunny:, have a nice week!??:heartbeat:

  6. Thats great that susi is ok and that her place is ok too – that would have been very terrifying! Since the sun is out – does that mean that the dreaded Rain has finally gone?? Fingers are crossed for you???:sunny:?:sunny:
    Wow 14 sleeps to go :-) I so have my fingers crossed that we will get to meet :-) Even if we miss each other on the 9-10 and 11th….then later in the month when we are in San Fran :-) Seriously if its going to be any hassle us staying with you, please tell me cause you needn’t feel pressured cause we can just stay at a hotel near you??:) We really wouldnt mind!?:laugh: We (well I mainly but of course Greg too? lol) just want to spend some time with you (and jon of course lol)??:p OMg its all so close now :-)
    I will def send a letter to Auf Der Artwick lol as I am half done now and can probably finish it today at work (since the wicked witch has left on her trip!)
    Anyway miss ya heaps, hope you enjoy you last few weeks :-) and I will def be around more often now :-) :-)
    Love ya like crazy and cant wait to give you that big hug in person
    Cathy vbfaeaeaaeae

  7. thanks for the crossed fingers. :heartbeat: i hope they don’t hurt too bad by now.. ;-)

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