Fun times

I had a great, but busy weekend… I was gone pretty much the whole time.

Saturday morning, I had a tutoring lessons at 9:30 a.m., then my sister picked me up and we went to the florist where we’re going to get the flower decoration for the wedding. God, it’s so hard to decide on what you want… there are so many choices. Later went to IKEA with our Mom to get some other deco stuff [and I seriously could have bought a whole lot of other stuff at IKEA and I can’t wait to go shopping for our apartment in LA :)].

In the evening, we had a family dinner at a spanish restaurant. I was really looking forward to it, because I love family dinners :) It was basically my Mom’s cousin’s idea and she invited the whole side of my Mom’s family. We hadn’t been together like this for a long time… so it was fun! Of course, I took a lot of pictures again and here’s one of me and my cousin Bastian. I just love him :)


We had a great time, really good food and yummy dessert :) It’s always fun to go out to eat!

On Sunday morning, I took the train to Stuttgart at 7 a.m. to meet with two of my penfriends and some other girls. I’ve known Annie and Julie  for about 14 years now and we’ve never met before… it seems like the last few months have been the perfect time for meeting my long-time penfriends finally in person :) It was awesome. It didn’t feel like we hadn’t seen each other before, but like the most normal get together of girlfriends that have known each other for a long time. I am usually not even worried anymore to meet my penfriends, because in 99,9% of the time we just get along perfectly well :)


We had some coffee first, hung out and then later on went downtown and had some yummy food at an Italian restaurant. I stayed at Annie’s house over night. She lives on the “Killesberg” with an awesome view over the city :)

Monday morning we met with another girl for coffee, walked around Stuttgart [it’s really pretty] and then hung out at her place for a little more… and at 4 p.m. I unfortunately had to catch the train back to Grevenbroich again. Time always goes by sooooo fast!!! :(

I got home at around 8:30 p.m. and then had to take care of some paperwork stuff regarding the wedding buffet. Oh and I have so many more things to do this week… S.O.S.