Some people actually do their work!

I think I haven’t realized it yet, because otherwise I should be totally thrilled and jumping up and down. Jon told me yesterday that I had received a letter from the Department of State saying that they had granted the visa waiver for me! :)
What that means: Regardless of what the advisory opinion will say about me being subject or not subject to the two year home residency requirement, I got the waiver and will be able to get the new visa! YAY! That’s great news!
Also, I received a phone call from my sponsor company yesterday and I had to fill out some forms online and send them back, so that they can finish the paperwork for my application and send it off [to whoever].
Basically that should mean that there is a pretty good chance that I’ll be able to actually go to the US embassy on September, 2nd to do the interview for the visa!
I am so excited!


I’ve been kind of busy again the last three days [what a surprise :)]

On Wednesday, I had breakfast with my old friend from school, Steffi. She has just moved into a new house with her husband.
We used to be very close friends in school, but after we graduated and went to University, our contact slowed down a bit. It’s still always great to see her and catch up on our lives. Although we don’t really have much in common anymore, I wouldn’t want to miss having these get-togethers every now and then.

In the afternoon, I cleaned up my room a bit and then my Mom and I went over to my sister’s place for some coffee.

Thursday, Nina and I spent the afternoon with my great-aunt. We went shopping with her first. She’s 84 years old now and still very sharp-minded, but it’s getting harder for her to walk long distances, so my sister always goes shopping with her once a week.
Afterwards we had some coffee with her and talked for about 2 hours. She really enjoyed having us around and I realized once again how important it must be for older people to have company when they are all by themselves most of the day.

Yesterday my sister and I visited our cousin Nicki. She lives about 40 minutes from here and we left in the morning to have breakfast with her. It was great to see her again. I was thoroughly impressed how much weight she had lost since the last time I’ve seen her.

We chatted for a few hours, then took some really funny pictures *lol*



We got home after 10 p.m. – don’t ask me where the day went, but we had an awesome time together!


  1. first of all: that’s great news about your visa :goodjob: :yes: and i’m glad things are working out for you. after this, hopefully there won’t be a whole lot of visa-crap you have to go through for a while!!and i love that last picture of nina and you. you should get a print-out and frame it. for sure! so keep enjoying your time here. :heartbeat:

  2. ?:wave: hi sannie, wow – great news??:goodjob:?:yes:? and these pictures are so funny and cute! hope you have a wonderful weekend!??:love:

  3. hi cutiepups, the pictures are sooo cute!!! you are so damn pretty!??:love: congrats to the good news. that sounds awesome!! happy for you!!!??:heartbeat: seems like you are having a great time, which makes me happy as well!!??:)?:sunny:

  4. 100% agree to Kim??:goodjob: GRRRRRRRRRREAT NEWS about the visa stuff (Iam waiting for Cathy doing her happy dance)!!! And I??:heartbeat: the last pic of Nina and you. It is so lovely, and you are both such beautiful girls??:love:
    I´ll continue my e-mail tomorrow at work, hun.??:heartbeat: you!

  5. *Inserting Happy Dance lmao*?:giggle:?:giggle:
    That is bloody awesome about your visa… I still have my fingers crossed that the 9th will work out :-) If not…well we are in LA for 4 weeks so if I dont get to meet you at all… well then I will start crying??:eek: but I wont even think about that??:nono:
    I love all the wonderful pics you are taking and posting :-) – your family and friends must so lovely having you back even for a little while??:p
    Keep having fun sis and telling us all about it :-)
    25 sleeps :-)?:spinning:?:spinning:
    ?:love:?:heartbeat: Cathy

  6. ?:sunny:?:goodjob:?:goodjob: honey those are great news.- i mean when all the shit happens before and you have to deal with all that shit before it’s all worth it. i keep my fingers crossed for you and i know you will get it?:yes:?:yes:?:yes: and that means i can come over and not only once……….YAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!
    i love those pics of you 3. and especially the black and white pic of you and nina. stole it btw.?:p
    well, i am seeing you this afternoon(jumping up and down…)
    love ya with all my heart

  7. Hallo Schnuffelmaus! Ich bin’s, die Sanna!!!??:wave: Schön, dass du deine Zeit hier genießt!! Auch schön, dass du dien Visum juetzt kriegen kannst! Yay!
    Vielleicht klappt das ja noch mit sich mal treffen, fänd ich toll!!

  8. hey süße! oh man das sind echt süße pics. Vor allem das s/w pic ist echt der hammer!?:heartbeat:

  9. Maus – I??:heartbeat: the black and white pic with your sister !! See – everything turns out to be right –>that is great with the visa. Finally done with that?:goodjob: – just that embassy in september – you can do it??:giggle:!
    Luv ya hun

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