17: Five Things Friday Vol. 80

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2023

Big shoutout to all my fellow NaBloPoMo-warriors. You’ve officially made it past the halfway mark of NaBloPoMo and can I just say one thing? I am so freakin’ proud of all of you! I truly hope you’re still having as much fun as I am… because I have thoroughly enjoyed all your posts so far and getting to know you all so much better! What a sweet blessing this community is!

I do feel terrible though. I’ve been trying to keep up with the NaBloPoMo blog list (and pointed out that we had a few people join late and encouraged you to check out the complete list again) and somehow I forgot to add Tina’s blog to the list (I AM SO SORRY, TINA!). I don’t know how that slipped through the cracks, but today I ask you to hop over to Tina’s blog. She’s been consistently posting and deserves some NaBloPoMo love. 

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In an effort to free up space on my phone, I deleted and then redownloaded a bunch of apps (because that’s how you clear the cache, the temporarily stored files, on an iPhone and free up space – did you know? I cleared up 40GB! That’s insane.). I did not realize though that I apparently have had “chat backup” turned off in my WhatsApp app and accidentally deleted about three years’ worth of the most recent chat conversations. Oops. (I am trying to not fret about it but I would lie if I said it didn’t give me temporary heart palpitations. I feel a little bit like what happened with Elisabeth’s blog.)

If you sent me a WhatsApp message and I haven’t responded yet, now would be a good time to nudge me and resend your last message. 

*    *    * 

A couple of weeks ago, we went to a local restaurant and when I reconciled my credit card statement a week later, I noticed that they charged us the wrong amount. The overcharge was only 3 cents, but I noticed it right away because we always round up tips at restaurants to an even dollar amount (anybody else?).

I contacted the manager via email, not because I wanted the three cents back, but simply to make him aware that something went wrong and that he needed to investigate the restaurant’s credit card processing system. I was very polite. He immediately apologized and thanked me for the feedback, assured me that he would look into the matter, and then offered to send me a promo card as compensation. I thought that was very kind.

The promo card was in the mail about a week later. It looked like a gift card and we didn’t know what its value was. Imagine our surprise when we ordered takeout last week and the credit rang up at $30. Wow. I thought that was really a very generous compensation for the 3 cents they overcharged us. But this is also called good customer service.  We’ll definitely visit again!

And it proves once again: you just have to open your mouth and say something (in a friendly manner).

*    *    *

Here’s your reminder to sign up for the 8th annual Secret SANta Swap 2023, if you’re interested in spreading – and receiving – a little holiday cheer! The sign-up form is still open until November 22nd, which is next Wednesday! And I am happy to share that we have quite a few sign-ups already. It’ll be fun!

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We’re in Southern California this weekend again visiting Jon’s mom and for an ‘early’ Thanksgiving (because we really didn’t want to travel over the actual holiday weekend). I’ve already gone for a nice 45-minute run this morning (not at the beach, but I hope to do that tomorrow) and we’ll have a BBQ tonight.

What’s been going on in your world this week?

  1. Aw, thank you San. I appreciate the love. I’m actually quite thrilled that I’ve made it past the halfway point. Your encouragement has really helped. Thank you.

  2. This week has been full. I feel like I was constantly on the laptop. Not so much work that pays but all those nitty gritty details that eat up your time. added all this blog writing and reading and gone are another 3 hours. I love it but I am also a bit exhausted.

    1. Ha! I know… I’ve been on the laptop a lot, too… and have been reading on my phone in-between… I know it’s a lot, but also so much fun!

  3. We ARE more than halfway through. I’ve been so busy that it just completely slipped my mind! Yay!! I feel like it’s been very challenging to keep up with this NaBloPoMo, but I’m still doing my best. Thanks again for all the organizing you do, San!

    1. You’re doing amazing… I know it’s not really the daily blogging, but also the reading/commenting that is a challenge… but I hope you don’t feel pressure. You just do what you can :)

  4. I just thought this morning: I’ve made it more than halfway!!!! I have definitely not been on top of my commenting game as much this year, but it has been so fun.

    I’ve signed up for the SANta swap! So excited.

    And yes to contacting customer service. It’s incredible to me sometimes what things they’ll do. I am also a HUGE fan of contacting warranty claims departments for all sorts of things. Yay for $30 credits!!!

    1. I know it’s hard to keep up with writing AND reading/commenting. I hope everybody is giving themselves some grace in the process. I try to keep up (because it’s fun) but I also have to cut corners here and there. It’s all good.

  5. Coach’s birthday was the halfway mark for NaBlogPoMo, so I noted that. I’m surprised to say that I’m already realizing that I will probably end up with more blog topics than there are days in November.

    Running on the beach sounds amazing. That restaurant is smart to react so generously so they don’t lose you as a customer. A few years ago, we lost an entire year of videos from our video camera. One of the big things was a ton of video from a family beach vacation. It made me positively ill. I hate stuff like that.

    1. I am not surprised you feel like you’ll have more things to blog about than there are days in November… that’s a good thing :) I often feel the same during NaBloPoMo.

      Oh no, you lost videos from a family vacation. That one hurts so bad! I am sorry.

  6. I also don’t like people to overcharge me, even if the amount is very small. Some might be bothered by this habit of mine, but I just can’t help it. Great that the restaurant person is generous enough to give you such a large voucher. I’ll definitely go back to this place.

    1. Overcharging – no matter how little – is not ok. I mean, just imagine they do that to every customer! They’ll make so much extra money!

  7. Wow, what great customer service! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  8. The daily posting has been easier than I expected! I think for me keeping my posts shorter and being totally fine just posting whatever random thing that pops into my head has taken the pressure off and has made it more manageable. The only negative I feel is that if I fall behind on reading posts for even a day, then it feels very challenging to get caught up! Some days are busier and I just don’t have free time to pop in and out of Feedly to read. But I’m trying to not worry about that. If that happens, I’m trying to be ok just reading the post on my phone, enjoying it, NOT necessarily commenting on every post if I don’t have the time, and just picking right up reading/ commenting again from my laptop when I do have the time.

    1. Yay, I am so glad the daily posting of shorter post has been working for you… and I know it’s a lot to write AND read/comment, so just do your best. I’ve been falling behind here and there, but it’s ok to just skim or not always comment….

  9. I am so intrigued by this deleting and redownloading of apps because I desperately need to free up space on my phone!

    And what a great customer service interaction. That is the kind of thing that really makes you feel loyal to a company!

    1. I had no idea how much space I could free up by deleting and redownloading apps. Just make sure you have backups of apps with important information before you do ;)

  10. Thanks for the tips on the apps, I didn’t know that would save data. I wonder if I did that with my games if I would lose my progress? Hmmm.

    I always round my tips up so I get an even dollar amount. Rite Aid has a local charity you can round up to, and I do that as well. If I could round up my grocery bill (not that I want them to have all of my money, I spend so much there already!) I would love it. Like if I could pay $74.28 and have the $0.72 go into my savings account, thus giving me an even $75 to put in my checkbook…a girl can dream.

    I’m doing fine on the posting, I planned ahead and pre-loaded a bunch. The reading and commenting while also having a job and a husband and a daughter has been more of a challenge! I’m trying, but not getting to read or comment EVERY day. Maybe not the best time to try to be more ‘present’ when watching TV with my family in the evenings!

  11. More that half way done! It’s been hard to post every day. There were days when I was definitely scrambling and typing and deleting and typing all over again. But it’s freeing to know that posts can be shorter and just about anything, really. I did not pre-write anything ;) so a lesson learned for next time. And yes, commenting and reading. Uffff, I am very behind.

  12. Wow that was generous of the restaurant! I would not have expected that! I don’t think I would catch that. I do not watch our transactions super closely to be honest. I look through them to make sure I am not double charged but I don’t reconcile beyond that!

  13. I hope you are having a lovely time in SoCal!

    That is so kind they sent you that gift card! And I do not round up on tips, LOL! I wonder if I am an oddball.

    Applause to what you said about providing feedback in a friendly manner. My husband owns a small business and you would not believe the rude and unkind emails he gets from customers. It hurts my heart. He has developed a thick skin but I can tell they still get to him.

  14. That’s such a good tip about deleting and re-downloading apps! I did not know that could free up space on your phone. I need to do some app clean-up. I know I have quite a few apps that I don’t use that are just taking up space and slowing down my phone.

    I love great customer service like that! I’m sure restaurants are used to mean feedback more than helpful, so they were probably just grateful you were so kind! Ha.

  15. That’s awesome customer service, and YOU are an awesome human being for setting up NaBloPoMo AND doing the SANta swap (I already signed up! Go me!) AND posting every day. <3
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving – I hope your MIL is doing well.

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