16: What I bought at Trader Joe’s Vol. 14

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If you’ve been around my blog for a little while, you know that I love grocery shopping and that I love Trader Joe’s. The closest store is only 1.5 miles away and I do 80% of our shopping there.  I also frequently lament the fact that we (still) don’t have an Aldi in our area, but then again, I know people who do not live close to a Trader Joe’s and that is a very sad thing. For the record, I would absolutely NOT give up my Trader Joe’s for an Aldi (although the prices apparently can’t be beaten). There are quite a few Aldis in Southern California now, but none where we live. The closest one is a 3-hour drive away. Sigh. Maybe one of these days they’ll build one here. 

Anyway, I digress because today I want to talk about my love for Trader Joe’s and their awesome products, and since I haven’t shared my recent Trader Joe’s finds, I thought it was time to remedy that because it was not for a lack of noteworthy products. 

Dutch Griddle Cakes* (14.11 oz) $3.49 ★★★★★ // freezer section

These are new, small, pop-in-the-toaster, ready-to-eat pancakes and they’re really tasty. Some people apparently eat them with a sausage patty, egg, and cheese wedged between two griddle cakes. Uhm, yeah, that won’t be me. These are a sweet treat for me – plain or with a bit of maple syrup, thankyouverymuch.

Raw Almond Butter – Creamy* (16 oz) $6.99 ★★★★★ // pantry aisle

This is my go-to, hands-down favorite almond butter. I like the creamy version, although they also have a crunchy version that is good. The best part is, it has exactly one ingredient: raw almonds.

Horseradish & Chives Potato Chips* (7 oz) $2.49 ★★★★★ // snack section

Trader Joe’s always surprises with interesting new flavors of potato chips and they are often only available for a short time, like these chips flavored with horseradish & chives. What an interesting flavor combination! I tried them before and was so thrilled to see them back in store last week.

Organic Apple Mango Fruit Sauce Crushers * (4 x 3.17 oz  – $2.99 ) ★★★★★ // pantry section

I am pretty sure that these fruit crushers are meant for kids, but I discovered that they’re a great fuel option for my long runs. They are tasty, easy to store in my running belt, and easy to eat while running. Win – win.

Gingerbread Coffee* (14 oz) $8.99 // produce aisle

Last but not least, I will forever sing the praises of this holiday coffee. I love it and I was so thrilled that it was available already on my last grocery run. Last year, they sold the rest of their stock after the holidays at super-low prices ($2.99/can) and you can bet your firstborn child that I stocked up and drank gingerbread coffee well into the new year! :)

What did you pick up at Trader Joe’s this week? Or, do you not have a Trader Joe’s close by? If not, how do you live?

* I am not affiliated with Trader Joe’s, nor have they endorsed, sponsored, or paid for my reviews. I am just sharing my love for the store and its products, which basically means free advertisement for them. Ha. All opinions are my own.

  1. Trader Joe’s always has such fun stuff! We are lucky enough to live near a Trader Joe’s and an Aldi, although I visit Aldi far less frequently. Those chips sound delicious! I’ll keep an eye out for them next time I’m at TJ’s.

  2. I don’t live close enough to TJs to go regularly, but when I do it’s epic. I live closer to an Aldi, but it never really “took” for me so IMO you aren’t missing anything.

    I’ve had the horseradish chips before and have good memories. Their French Roast is my to-go for coffee.

  3. Well, no Trader Joes here but I have seen the brand at an Aldi here. But no Aldi close to where we live now. Sigh. I would love to taste that gingerbread coffee. And the almond butter would be in my basket too.

  4. We have both, and I am a regular TJ’s shopper and a one in a while Aldi shopper (the kids love Aldi chocolate chip brioche, so I’ll pop in a grab it and see what else we can’t live without. I LOVE that coffee– need to plan a TJ’s run!!

  5. The nearest Trader Joe’s is not necessarily far away, but it is not close enough to home or to any of my ‘stuff’ like my kids’ practices for me to stop there. I think it is probably about 12 miles from home, but my regular grocery store is a 2 min drive from home. I’ve heard they have many GF options and I have been there before, but I don’t gravitate to it.

  6. Tj’s is one of my favorite store in the US if not THE favorite. That almond butter is my favorite! I always bring bottles back when going to the US. I might even ask my friend to bring me few more over December break.

  7. Hmmm. Perhaps I should try that Almond Butter. I like the 1 ingredient nut butters.
    I’ve never had toaster pancakes, but I’m intrigued.

  8. There are no Trader Joe’s in Canada, so I will live vicariously through you!

  9. We have an Aldi right near us but I don’t really like it! My sister keeps urging me to try it again because the prices are really good- but I find our Aldi at least to be depressing. BUT. Trader Joes!!!!! We have a couple Trader Joe’s relatively closeby- one is about 20 minutes away but in the opposite direction of every other place I go. So I have to make time for a special trip. Last time I was there I got my cat advent calendar, which I get every year. And I always get soymilk, nuts, nut butters (I like the salted almond butter) and some fancy olives for our upcoming Thanksgiving charcuterie board. I need another trip soon!

  10. Sigh. No Trader Joes or Aldi’s close to where I live.

  11. Your purchases look exactly like things I’d buy at TJs if there was one conveniently located near me. I get to Trader Joe’s about twice a year, proving life can go on without one nearby, but wishing there was one nearby.

  12. Oooh, I have to try the pancakes! TJ is my go to grocery store but I am so sad about the things they took of the shelves recently – no frozen pretzel anymore, no canned cherries, no Bavarian Bratwurst – sigh. I recently bought the German gingerbread cookies there and almost always the chicken potstickers.

  13. I love TJs! It’s about an hour from me, so I have to plan trips. The frozen jasmine rice is the best–I’m never making rice again, when you can nuke this for 3 minutes and it’s perfect. We also have to have the white cheddar corn puffs, which I described to my mother as “kind of like styrofoam but oddly delicious.”

    The only thing I don’t love about them is when they discontinue something I loved. I’m still thinking about the frozen pomegranate seeds they had years ago, and the lemongrass chicken sticks from the freezer section, sigh. They haven’t had the Frosted Maple & Brown Sugar shredded wheat cereal the last few times I’ve gone, I hope that’s temporary.

  14. I have never had gingerbread coffee – but now I feel like I have to try it!

  15. I also use those squeeze pouches for running, although I have not tried the TJ’s ones, so maybe I need to. They are really great for long runs, are not as sweet (or nasty) as Gus and are a fun treat! I do have a TJs near me, but I actually do not really shop there very often; maybe I need to!

  16. My closest Trader Joe’s is about a 20-minute drive for me while my nearest Publix is 2 minutes away. So I rarely go to TJ’s even though I love their food! I need to make a trip for some of their seasonal items – and that cat advent calendar that Jenny raves about!

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