Halfway mark | Things I want to do in 2023

We’re solidly in the second half of this year (how?!) and I thought I’d do a little halfway check-in to see where I am with my goals list of things I want to do in 2023.

  • Complete (another) 365 Peloton Streak. In Progress. I will admit that it doesn’t feel like much of an effort now. I am in a solid routine with my daily workouts, but hey, it’s a measurable goal nonetheless.
  • Complete the virtual Route 66 Challenge. In Progress. Tanja and I signed up for another Conqueror Challenge this year and this time we’re virtually running, walking, and biking the 2,280 mi (3,669km) of the iconic Route 66. I am currently 72% done with roughly 650 mi (1,045km) left.

  • Buy a bed frame. Not done. I’ve been thinking about it though. Does that count? My “biggest” problem is, we have a Tempurpedic mattress with a boxspring. Most newer bedframes don’t require a boxspring anymore, and the frames that do are these stupid metal frames, one of which I threw out when we moved because I hated it (and hit my foot on it a few times). So, what to do? Get rid of the boxspring? Put the boxspring on top of a platform bed? (This conundrum is mainly why I haven’t gotten any further with this goal.)
  • Finish my summer travel recaps. In progress. You’ve seen a few recaps posts show up on this blog recently.
  • Get my hair done professionally. Not done yet. I need to find a new salon and it’s not my highest priority to figure out where to go right now.
  • Finish the Outlander (Book) Series. In progress. I started book #7 (An Echo in the Bone) last week. Do you know what I really appreciate about Diana Gabaldon’s books? There are so many tangents in her storytelling, so many details beyond the story of the main characters, but she never leaves any loose ends (one of my biggest pet peeves with books!), she eventually ties them all up and I am a fan.
  • Travel home for Christmas. Obviously not done yet and no tangible plans made yet. We’ll see if this happens.
  • Complete Project 365 on Instagram. In progress. I have posted a picture every day so far, and it’s been a nice exercise in going back to documenting my daily life with a picture. I still feel hot and cold most of the time when it comes to stories/reels, so this goal has felt like a bit of a rebel thing to do.
  • Advocate for myself better. In progress. You might remember that I mentioned here and there that I have been standing up for myself at work. It still is hard for me to do, but I am trying to ‘practice’ when and where I can.

Overall, I am pretty happy with where I am at. I sometimes tend to put things on a list and then promptly forget about them, but it seems like I made a somewhat achievable list for 2023.

How’s your year going? Are you happy with the goals that you’ve already checked off your list?

  1. Wow, you are making progress toward so many of these goals! That is excellent!

  2. I literally NEVER have watched a story/reel on Instagram. I’m in it for the photos. I so rarely watch video in any real way that it’s mind blowing to me that they are things people actually interact with on Instagram! I’m really enjoying having you post a photo every day!

    1. You’re a rebel! ;) I held out for a long time interacting with stories/reels… sometimes, I find the fun and entertaining, but many times I am “stressed” by all moving images and the noise.

  3. I had no goals so I am RIGHT ON TRACK, SAN! Lol! Mostly I just want to get through this move with my sanity intact, and without a total nervous breakdown. So far, so good!
    I am on a Peloton streak since Dec 27, 2020, and I WILL NOT BREAK IT. I’m also on a DuoLingo streak, I think it’s like 467 days or something. Hablo espanol!

    1. Woohoo. Your streaks are impressive, friend! Way to go!

  4. Wow – I’m so impressed with these long streaks. Nicole has done Peloton every day since Dec 2020? Ummm. I just can’t even…You’re so nonchalant about it too – like it’s so engrained you know you’ll do another 365. Speechless! This is amazing. Go you.

    We’re in the same conundrum with the bed; we need to get a bedframe for our daughter and she has a boxspring…but we love the bedframe we have in the master, but it only has wooden slats (fine since we have a bed-in-a-box mattress that doesn’t require a boxspring).

    The Outlander books sound great – and I also hate “loose ends.”

    1. Thank you, Elisabeth. I appreciate the encouragement. I am sometimes surprised that people hold these long streaks – including me – but yeah, it’s really just become a daily habit.

      I feel like the new bedframes with the wooden slates are so much easier to deal with than box springs and I wish we could just get rid of ours and buy a regular frame… but then we have to deal with the box spring, haha.

  5. We have a Tempurpedic mattress and box spring as well – and also no bed frame. The thing is that I really don’t notice, and it’s such a great bed.

    Posting pictures only on IG definitely makes you a rebel! But seriously, I’m a fan of just plain pictures.

    1. Oh, you have a Tempurpedic! Isn’t it the best mattress in the world? We’ve had ours for like almost 15 years and it feels brand-new!
      I am glad to hear that other people still appreciate the photography side of IG!

  6. Your peloton streak is akin to my habit of reading daily. It’s not even something I think about, it’s part of my day and I can’t imagine a day without it! The only other streak I have is Duolingo. I just surpassed the one year mark for that ap.

    We have a mattress and box spring but when we eventually get a different bed frame (if ever?) we’d probably ditch the spring box. Needing a springbox has been a pain as we have lived in old homes w/ narrow stair cases. Phil had to basically cut our box spring so it could be folded and brought upstairs (do not ask me how he did this!! He watched a youtube video). When we moved into this house, we got rid of that box spring and bought a collapsible box spring that is actually 2 twin box springs. When we bought a new bed for our guest room, the frame didn’t require a box spring and it’s quite comfortable! It is trickier to make a bed that isn’t on a box spring, though. That is my chief complaint!

    1. Yes, I think some things just get so ingrained in your daily habit that you don’t think about them twice! Great job on the Duolingo streak!

      Wow, sounds you know a thing or two about dealing with box springs! I never new box springs before I moved to the US, I always had beframes with slates and find them comfortable and easier to deal with. What you do you mean though that it’s trickier to make a bed that isn’t on a box spring?

  7. Get rid of the box spring! You will never look back afterward. I got a new frame about 10 years ago, ditched the box spring, got a memory foam mattress and it has been a game changer. Box springs are so 2003! :) Seriously though, just do it. And I don’t know what your trash company is, but mine is Waste Management and you can schedule a bulky pickup (one per year) and you can leave the mattress on the street for them to pick up. Easy peasy!

  8. The new bedframe that I just bought needed a box spring! I don’t know if you have Ashley Furniture around you, but it was actually easy to find some frames that required a box spring. I like having that extra structure when it comes to my bed, so I looked specifically for bedframes that required box springs.

    For your professional haircut goal, look at Groupon! They usually have great deals for hair salons so you can get the professional cut WITHOUT the high price tag, haha.

  9. It sounds like you are making really good progress on your goals. I’;m pretty happy with my progress on my goals, although I decided to ditch one that I decided I just wasn’t invested enough in. A good idea at the time, but not really me.

  10. Living how you move along you list. seems like it is going well. And honestly if a goal doesn’t get checked it is just not a priority and it is also something to realize.
    I was thinking about a check in myself but than July is almost over. But I feel like it would be a good exercise. Maybe I do it.

  11. You know I find your streaks impressive. I also look at your stories AND your pictures, so hopefully that is some good IG feedback? I feel like the reactions on the stories are weird, though. Do you really need clapping hands all over? Can’t I just do an emoji? Sigh.
    Bedframes. I’m useless – have had the plain metal one forEVER. I don’t have a headboard and honestly don’t know what I would do with one. I guess I’m more minimalist than I thought? :)
    Anyway – good job on your goals. I hope the Christmas trip happens, my friend. <3

    1. I do notice that you look at my IG… I appreciate that very much, friend :)

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