Things I want to do in 2023

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Hey, let me slide into your blog feed with my list of “things I want to do in 2023” before January is officially over. Have I mentioned that this month was a blur? THIS MONTH WAS A BLUR.
But, I did finish my list of goals and aspirations. It’s probably not an exhaustive list, but I like to leave room for surprises and hopefully a long (what Elisabeth calls her) ta-da list – a list of accomplishments that weren’t on the list but are worth celebrating.

Without further ado, my goals for 2023.

Complete (another) 365 Peloton Streak.

Yup, my third year. I told you I would put this on the list again. This is not complicated – I’ll just be striving to get my “blue dot” every day (= one activity on the Peloton platform. Even 5 min of meditation counts.)

Complete the virtual Route 66 Challenge.

Tanja and I signed up for another Conqueror Challenge this year and this time we’ll virtually run, walk, and bike the 2,280 mi (3,669km) of the iconic Route 66. You track your workouts through your smartwatch or fitness app and keep chipping away at the distance. The miles are tracked in the Conqueror app, which shows you where you are on the map and how much distance you have accomplished at any given time (and also if you’re “ahead or behind”). I find this sort of long-term challenge super-motivating and can’t wait to see how we do!

Buy a bed frame.

You guys, I am putting this back on the list. We’ve lived in our duplex apartment for 4+ years and we still don’t have a bed frame. I am wondering, what does that say about me?

Finish my summer travel recaps.

I am super proud that I got the photobook of our family vacation done in time for Christmas and since I also included a full write-up of our time together, I should – technically – be able to crank out these travel recaps for my blog in no time. I want them on here for completeness (and because I want to share them with you guys).

Get my hair done professionally.

Can you believe that I haven’t been to a hair salon in over three years? I’ve been trimming my own ends (hooray for long hair) throughout the pandemic and I am going to say it, I don’t miss the hair salon expense. Why is it so freakin’ expensive to go to a salon, even if I just get a trim? Still, it would be nice to get pampered again sometime.

Finish the Outlander (Book) Series

As previously mentioned, I won’t be setting any more reading goals until I am finished with the Outlander series, but finishing the series is a reading goal in itself.

Travel home for Christmas

I know this is (somewhat) far away and not completely in my control (for various reasons) but I do hope to celebrate Christmas with my family this year. I haven’t been home for Christmas in several years and while I have enjoyed quiet Christmases with Jon, it’s not the same as seeing family for the holidays, especially if you get along with your family as well as I do with mine. 

Complete Project 365 on Instagram. 

Project 365 means one picture every day for all of 2023. (Stephany and Meike – and maybe some others? – are doing it and I love the idea).
Tbh, I am a bit tired of stories and videos on Instagram. I swear, I get dizzy if I look and scroll for too long, because everything is constantly moving. What happened to Instagram being a platform where you just share a photo? Have we even gotten away from micro-blogging on Instagram in favor of video snippets? In an effort to get back to the roots, I want to post more pictures but also purposefully look more at the photo feed of people that I follow than the story feed.

Advocate for myself better.

I suffer a bit from imposter syndrome and combined with some perfectionist tendencies, I can pretty much get in my own way a lot. I get complimented on my organizational skills and my thoroughness, but I also tend to overthink things, I go down rabbit holes, and I question my work along the way. My new colleague is much better about advocating for himself (why does this not surprise me, aren’t men always better at that? Rachel, do you want to chime in?) and I enjoy our conversations because I think I can learn something from him. We’ll see where this goes.

What are your goals for this year? Share one with me – big or small!

  1. Love your list, San.

    This year I want to: run 10k, track time spent with my parents, get laser eye surgery, and buy a new nude bra (among other things)!

    Another of my goals (which shows up every single year) was to order a family photobook – which I did last week. So one of my goals for the year is officially crossed off and it feels sooooo good!

    1. I love that you put another race on your goals list, Elisabeth. And I am sure it feels good to already check on thing of your list (yay for the photobook! I am sure it’s amazing!)

  2. My hair looks so much better when someone else cuts it. I am getting a haircut on Thursday, but it looks pretty good even a few days out from the cut. I can’t imagine what a mess I’d be if it had been THREE YEARS!!!

    This year I want to figure out a way to make my volunteer job fun and less stressful. I don’t want to have to quit it, but I don’t want to get an ulcer because of it, either!

    1. Oh, that’s a good goal, Engie. You do NOT want an ulcer from something that you do out of goodwill for other for free!

  3. We have a bed frame but we still don’t have a headboard. It’s been years now without one and I wonder what it says about me/us too. Also, I ask : “Why is it so freakin’ expensive to go to a salon, even if I just get a trim?” I need one badly, but hesitate… and my hair grows on.

  4. I’ve no idea if my first comment went through so I’ll try again…

    We have a bed frame but we still don’t have a headboard. It’s been years now without one and I wonder what it says about me/us too. Also, I ask : “Why is it so freakin’ expensive to go to a salon, even if I just get a trim?” I need one badly, but hesitate… and my hair grows on.

    1. I see, you and I look eye to eye ;)

  5. These are great! I think they seem aspirational yet do-able at the same time. Should be a good year! I also can’t believe one whole month is over… 1/12. I keep thinking about the fact that I REALLY want to actually look at my goals more frequently this year, and take some actionable steps to actually completing many of them. Some are things that are sort of just lingering to do items (like.. finally get a glass insert for our kitchen cabinets, which were redone almost 5 years ago now!). They are just tedious, and if I don’t go out of my way, I’ll probably never do them. So I’m really trying to make an effort to look at the goals list frequently and keep things more front of mind.

    1. That’s such a good point, Kae. I sometimes write a goal list and then promptly forget about it. Haha. When I am putting things on the list that I have to chip away at, I am much more likely to keep on top of it compared to “one and done” goals. I’ll try to remind you to look at your list every once in a while ;)

  6. This month WAS a blur! OMG. How am I supposed to get my life together if the days fly by!?

    I really like your list. I am impressed at your streaks and long-distance events/tracking. I find it much easier to start things than finish, so I don’t tend towards those types of accomplishments even though it’s really cool.

    I have worked out more consistently and I’m loving the Peloton bike and app. Anna G is my favorite for yoga/med, Hannah F for bike, and Jess Sims for bike bootcamp.

    1. THANK YOU, Tierney. That’s what I am saying. How am I supposed to get my life together when time flies like that?

      I love that you’re back on the Peloton (did you end up not selling it?) I am a big Hannah F fan too – I think she’s seriously underrated. Well, and you can’t go wrong with Jess Sims. Badass.

      1. Yes, I kept it. I was trying to do my part in paring down our belongings but I decided I really liked it. I was actually surprised when my minimalist mindset husband was cool with it- I guess my love for Peloton is really obvious! I do wish that he would give it a fair chance but oh well, more Peloton Kool-aid for me!

  7. I’m so impressed at your Peloton streaking – it’s no easy feat! My 9-year-old is doing her first Conquer Challenge this winter (much shorter – Yosemite) and is loving how motivating the format is, especially when she hits the milestones. We are going to do another one together when she completes this one.

    1. Oh how wonderful that your 9-year-old is doing a Conqueror Challenge. The Yosemite one is probably a lot of fun… but I wanted something for the whole year, if I pay for it ;) Can’t wait to hear how it goes for your daughter :)

  8. LOVE the IG photo plan. I have had good luck with #100happydays bur I have yet to post daily for more than 100 days in a row.

    1. Oh, I’ve heard of the #100happydays challenge before… we’ll see how my 365 days will go ;)

  9. I hate videos and reels on IG too. I just like to see photos. Although, I do like stories too.

    I have had my hair cut, but I used to get it professionally coloured, before the pandemic. Once I started colouring it myself, I felt like I wasted so much time and money on going to the salon! I still get it cut but I don’t think I’ll ever go back to professional colour.

    1. I am glad I am not the only one! Reels/Videos can be fun when I am in the mood but it’s all I see right now (or so it feels).

      Professional color is so expensive! I haven’t gotten in colored for a long time. I also do the home color kits – do you have a favorite?

  10. I think that is an achievable list and one with a good mix of items on it. I think that you not having a bed frame screams, “I am practical!” I don’t think it is necessary; it is only a visual not a functional thing, so really you don’t need one. It took me about 3 years to put up photos on my walls for the same reason — they are not necessary, although they are pleasing to the eye!

    Next year I want to do a big trip, which I will likely talk about at some point, so this year will be full of getting ready for that in many different ways…. to be discussed at a later date!

    1. You have a good point: the bed frame is purely visual not functional, but I still look at my bed room and think “it looks like a college dorm room in here” LOL

      I am excited to hear about the big trip you’re planing! Don’t keep us in suspense for too long ;)

  11. Love your list but can’t believe you haven’t gotten your hair professionally done in three years and still no bed frame…..
    23 more days before I get to do one of the things, which has been high up on my to-do list for 2023 :) See U soon!

    1. Can’t wait to see you :)

  12. I love reading about other’s goals and intentions! I hope 2023 is a great year for you!

    One of my goals is to do some travel this year which I’m excited about! I’ve booked our tickets for my trip to visit my sister with Paul and Amber and I have set the date for our get together in the Banff region. I’m just waiting to buy a ticket in the hopes the price goes down as it’s kind of stupid expensive right now!

    1. I am excited that you’re planning some travel and that you’ll get to see Amber again (and maybe Nicole! ;))

  13. Ally Bean sent me! This is an impressive list of goals. It took me several years to go back to the salon and it IS expensive, but my hair no longer looks like a bushy mushroom. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Margaret. I had to chuckle about our bushy mushroom hair … haha… I assume you have beautiful thick hair that needed some taming. My hair is thin and long, so easy to maintain (mostly).

  14. Oooh I wish I could be your imposter syndrome support person! I think not only are women worse than me, but there might be a cultural component too in your situation…? I know that living in the UK as an American I am far better at advocating for myself than my British counterparts – and I am sure some of that is cultural as well as being learned.

    I was always told you need you need you need to blow your own trumpet because no one will blow it for you… so I hope you figure out some good strategies for trusting that even if you’re not right or best, you are probably more correct and better than those around you :-)

    I also hope you make it home for Christmas! Christmas in Germany is my favourite time to visit – I’ve had amazing trips in Decmeber. On my list of amazing goals that might not ever happen is living in Germany for a short time someday.

    1. Oh, you know, I never thought of that – there could absolutely be a cultural component at play here – but I am also in general a more timid person. Blowing my own horn is definitely a real challenge, although I think I have learned to assert myself more with time. I just know there is still a lot of room for improvement.
      I’ll take all and any tips ;)

      So happy to hear you’ve been to Germany, and at Christmas time, the best time to go! ;)

  15. This is a great list! I really hope you do get to see your family for Christmas. I know what you mean – it’s nice being with your partner but not the same as being with all your family!

    I heard Instagram is going to prioritize photos again, which is great. I am also sick of seeing everything move. I like a bit of it, but I don’t want that to be all I see. I don’t have enough of an attention span to watch them.

    My biggest goal is to get healthy, which for me, means losing a bit of weight, and then get back to running! I miss it so much!

    1. Oh, I’d love for IG to prioritize photos again.

      I do hope you get your health under control this year – the blod clots are really scary! I also hope you can get back to running (are you not allowed to run at all?)

      1. Thank you so much! I am allowed to run, I am just working on losing some weight first to make it more enjoyable for me before I start back up! I am doing well with that and hope to start in March! Although if my girlfriend asked me to do a short run with her on our girls trip next week I 100P will!

  16. What a great selection of things to do this year. I hope you do make it home for Christmas; that would be so exciting for you.

    I’ve done project365 before, and it is so good to look back on. I’d like to do one again, but it is a big commitment. You seem to do very well with challenges that require you to do something every day.

    1. Thank you Melissa. You’re right, I do well with challenges that require some sort of repeating frequency. I just have to make sure I am not adding things to this endless list – haha.

  17. I love this list of goals! There are a lot of fun goals on here, like Project 365, visiting your family, and finishing the Outlander series. You have so much dedication to that series – I feel like I would get to sick of the books if it were all I was reading for 2+ years! Good job, you!

    My biggest goal for 2023 is to move to a two-bedroom apartment. It will be so nice to have a second bedroom to use as an office/workout space!

  18. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you for the family Christmas plan. I feel you on that one and I am glad you are also filling Instagram with more pictures. I hope the platform survives and does not morph into another add infested social media disaster like Facebook seams to be these days. Posting a picture a day feels more doable to me right now then posting on the blog but I hope to be back on there, too.
    My only real plan for the year is to go to my dad’s 80th in March and summer Germany travels in June when school is out for the kids. We will see about the rest.

  19. We finally got a bed frame last year, after I don’t know how many years of having our bed on the floor. I am SO MUCH happier about it.

    I hear you on the hair…it’s SO expensive. I just had mine done, and as always, I am shocked by the expense. Especially since I not only cut but also color and highlight. I’ve tried cheaper alternatives, like a local beauty school. It saved me money, but the results were inconsistent.

    My main goal this year is that I hope we can go to Alaska and visit my brother and his wife. My husband has never been, and my daughter went when she was 3, so doesn’t remember it. It will be our 30th anniversary this summer, and my brother turns 60 in December, so that feels like a lot of justification to spend a bunch of money on a trip! Why is travel so expensive?

  20. I am so glad that Ally Bean sent me. At lest I think I am – your exercise regiment is a little intimidating. Some days the only exercise I get is when I just to conclusions ;-)

    Yes, this month has flown by. I seem to be on track for two of my goals – returning to blogging and stand-up on a regular basis. My biggest goal is to submit my WIP to (at least 3) publishers. First things first – finishing that final final draft – wish me luck!

  21. What a wonderful list. I am hoping you will spend Christmas with your family. I am also hoping that the new colleague is challenging you but not belittling you and that you indeed learn to step up for yourself. so tough… I hate going to the salon, well maybe I just hate spending money there. for me personally I do not see much value in sitting there and being “pampered”. It is a waste of time for me. I never feel right reading there. I always think I need to talk to the hairdresser.

  22. These seems fairly achievable while still shooting for some challenges. It’s so impressive that you do something from the Peloton app every single day! Also, we finally just got a bed frame, and it really changed the game. Go make it happen!

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