29: A Random Holiday Gift List

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2022

Last year, I put together a little holiday wish/gift list (just one of a gazillion popping up on the Internet around this time of year), but it was fun and I like to share things that I love or that have piqued my interest, so I am just joining in again. Who knows, maybe I’ll the person with THE gift idea for someone special in your life.

While gifts are not my primary love language, I do enjoy giving small gifts for the holidays.

Some of these things on my list are things I own and love, some of these things are on my personal wish list or I think they’d make nice useful gifts. Maybe you’ll find some gift inspiration here, too.

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1. Aren’t these Ceramic Embossment Stoneware Bowls* beautiful? I am a bit of a sucker for pretty stoneware. I wish I had a whole set of matching kitchenware because as it stands, everything is mismatched. Tell me, I am not the only one.

2. I love this print*. What a great reminder.

3. I was looking around for some bathroom organizational ideas and came across these 3-Section Wicker Baskets*. I am not really sure I have space to put them anywhere (as our bathroom has literally NO counterspace, just the top of the toilet tank), but they sure look pretty.

4. I had this Organic Detangling Hair Brush* for a while and I love it. It’s super-flexible, doesn’t pull on your hair and feels great on your scalp. When my sister was here last summer, she also immediately loved it (and ordered one for herself) and then also gave it to someone as a gift.

5. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that Stumptown Coffee* makes a regular appearance. I don’t buy it regularly (because it’s on the expensive side and I love our Trader Joe’s coffee), but I do get it every once in a while or give it as a gift. It’s good coffee.

6. Wee, if this cute Francis the Fox Mug* doesn’t scream HOLIDAYS, I don’t know what does!

7. I picked up this Felted Wool Trivet* at Trader Joe’s last week and it just puts me in a good mood. It matches the mini felt garland they had last year.

8. If you practice yoga regularly (or just stretch a lot), this Tumaz Yoga Strap* is pretty much a must. I mean, a towel works, I guess, but this is more versatile and pretty.

9. Ahm, if you are anything like me, you can always find use for more pretty notebooks*.

10. Are you also a fan of zippered pouches*? I have a so many. They hold cords and chargers, pens, cosmetics, and I always find that I could use more. They’re just so handy.

11. I used to have a Lamy Fountain Pen* way back when. I don’t really write with fountain pens anymore, but this one is so, so pretty. Don’t you agree? Maybe I could learn how to use it again.

12. I have a similar bread box* and can’t say enough good things about it. As you might know, I bake my own bread every week and this bread box keeps it fresh and mold-free for about a week! It really works well. No need to wrap bread in plastic (that’s a no-no!).

13. I have some empty space above my work desk and have been looking around for something that could fill this space in a useful way and I came across this pegboard*, which would be an option.

14. I have a bit of a thing for wicker baskets and this woven storage ottoman* looks so pretty, but also functional with the hidden storage space. (Any extra little bit of storage is welcome in my home, as I lamented the fact that I seem to have too much clutter.)

And there you have it… a little random hodgepodge of gift ideas and recommendations.

What’s one of your favorite gift ideas? See anything you like?

* #notanad, This is not a sponsored post. I have not been compensated by the brand or anyone else for linking the websites.

  1. I like the Trader Joe’s trivet. I will be on the lookout for cute Trader Joe’s holiday specials. Yesterday, I bought Jingle Jangle Pretzels but passed over the Almond Kringle. Will power net neutral, I guess.

    I also want a yoga strap. It really makes such a difference. I am currently using my hands and arms, but it is not as nice of a release as when I use a strap.

    1. Trader Joe’s holiday specials are so fun. I am such a sucker every year and always on the lookout for cool new items :)

      I feel the same about the yoga strap – it makes every pose better.

  2. I love a gift post! These are all so pretty – I am really digging the fox mug and the ceramic bowls.

    1. I love gift posts, too. Always so fun to see what other people find :)

  3. It is the season for gift lists. Love it. The Lamy fountain pen looks cute. I actually have all my 4 from highschool still tugged away n the desk. I also. ordered two more for my shooting probs but they are unused. W should get back writing with fountain pens.

    1. I still have two Lamy pens from high school… but they’re not as pretty as this light blue one ;) but there really isn’t a point of buying it when I don’t even use fountain pens. (But I still want it – gah! :))

  4. So our stoneware is all matching but I think we are out the outlier in that regard! We got white plates/bowls for our wedding. And then I kept the mugs I had bought before we were married and a set of ice cream bowls. But I think mismatched pottery is very pretty to look at and gives character to the table!

    I love seeing what people have on their wish list. You know from reading my blog for so long that I am so not into gifts. I truly don’t need or really want anything. My parents give us smartwool socks and cash and then my MIL still stops for us. We asked her for new flannel sheets as I’d like a 2nd set so we can change our sheets more often! But those are likely the only gifts I will get. I am starting to think about what I will bring to my “favorite things” party with 4 college girlfriends. We usually have it in December but I proposed that we move it to February to give us something to look forward to during a cold, boring month! I will either bring shower steamers (you put them in the shower and the water/steam gives off a calming scent) or slippers. The slippers I have in mind are inexpensive ones you can tuck in your purse for when you go to someone else’s house. We take our shoes off in this region of the country, so I used to have a pair of soft slippers I’d bring to others’ homes so my feet would stay warm (I’m perpetually cold).

    1. I guess it’s true – mismatched pottery can be pretty in itself, it just depends on the pottery – haha.
      I love looking at gift/wish lists… although most of it I will never own/buy/gift anybody… it’s just fun to look at pretty things :)
      I think you have a good system down. The last thing I want to do is add to someone’s clutter with a gift, you know?

  5. So many good ideas in this. I can’t ever have enough zippered pouches and I do love my Trader Joe’s trivet and felt garland and I found the matching wreath when I went to Trader Joe’s in Las Vegas 😉

    1. Oh, I actually saw the matching wreath at TJs last week, too :)

  6. IMO cute little bowls are always a good gift. No, you are not alone with mismatched kitchenware.

    What’s your go-to for coffee @ TJ’s? I used to drink Bay Blend before they discontinued it and now I get the French Roast.

    1. Phew, I am glad I am not alone with the mismatched kitchenware.

      So,right now our go-to TJs coffee is the Fair Trade Organic Bolivian Blend (red canister). We switch it up every once in a while but this has been our favorite for a while. I haven’t tried the French Roast, I think.

  7. Goodness, I have so many little zippered pouches in my closet, the kind you get free when you buy fancy makeup, and I never have any use for them. You’ve given me some good ideas to put them to use!

    1. Haha, you have a collection of zippered pouched that you’re not even using… what are you doing with your life, J? :)

  8. LOTS of mismatched kitchenware in our cupboards (including some bowls my husband bought years before he met me…at a DollarStore! that come in a weird array of colours; they’re probably our most-used bowls, though!)
    I love the TJ’s trivet. So cute.

    For adults, I’m a huge fan of my favourite maple candle. It screams Canada and is such a lovely scent – I give it regularly as a gift. I love my Yeti and use it daily.
    For kids, the IKEA Sparka (I think?) ball is one of our most-used items in the house (we now own like 4 of them?). For tweens, a Wreck It Journal is a great option. So much scope for the imagination. I just ordered two for birthday gifts for friends of my daughter.

    1. Ha, I am glad i am not the only one with mismatched kitchenware… I guess you’re right and some dishes even tell stories :)

      Those are some great gift ideas for kids. Thanks for sharing those! And a candle is always a great gift IMHO.

  9. That brush looks interesting – does it really work? Like, does it detangle without breakage? It looks prickly.

    1. The brush does look prickly in the picture, but it’s really not. I love it. It’s super-gentle on my hair (and like I said, my sister tried it and bought one immediately).

  10. My husband is a fountain pen addict. I just use a regular Rollerball, but I think one of the most valuable things we own is a fountain pen my husband bought when he was in grad school. It wasn’t very expensive back then, but it was a limited edition and it’s become incredibly popular/valuable on the secondary fountain pen market since then. It’s his daily use pen at home, though, and I’m sure he’ll never get rid of it.

    I love those little bowls. I have decorate little bowls all over the place to hold random things like coins, ponytail holders, and jewelry.

    I think this year I’m giving everyone a pair of socks, some homemade cookies, and a travel bottle of hand sanitizer and am calling it good on gift giving. I’m just inspired!

    1. No way, your husband is a fountain pen addict and even has a valuable limited edition pen in his possession (but yeah, it sounds like he wouldn’t give that one up for anything :)). I love it.

      You know, you can’t go wrong with socks, cookies and hand sanitizer in this day and age ;)

  11. I found you via Nicole. ❤️

    I have that felted wool trivet from Trader Joes. LOVE it so much.
    I love the fox mug, too. So many adorable things.

    1. Hi Kari – nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by :)

  12. Hey! Why didn’t I see that trivet at Trader Joes? I’ll look for it next time I go- but I know they sell out of things quickly. My daughter would love that fox mug! I might have to get it for her. Thanks for this- I always love a gift guide!

    1. Our TJs doesn’t always have all the things, so definitely be on the lookout if certain things come to your store!

      Which teenager girl wouldn’t love the fox mug, am I right? (And which adult woman with a mug addiction LOL)

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