20: Letters to the Universe

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Letters to the Universe

Once upon a time, I used to send out letters to the universe, hoping that someone (anyone!) out there might hear me. Let’s try that again.

Dear America – you truly need to get your sh*t together and address your systemic justice problems. The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse yesterday sets yet another precedent that it’s okay for a white person to arm themselves, show up anywhere and incite violence, and then use the danger that they created to shoot people and then claim self-defense. Why was this kid across state lines with an AR-15 after curfew in the first place? There should have been AT LEAST consequences for that, if not for everything that followed. Your laws are broken, America.

Dear 2021 – you’ve been a quiet disappointment. While I am technically not ready for another year to be over, there is also hope that 2022 will be the year we can all return to some normalcy. Maybe. If people get their act together and get vaccinated.

Dear Covid – why tf are you still here?

Dear fellow citizens – please act responsibly during the holidays. I know, it’s hard to do the responsible thing this year, AGAIN. But we’re still in a pandemic. Vaccines and boosters be damned. We truly don’t need another wave in this country and as long as there are so many unvaccinated people out there, we’ll have to stay vigilant.

Dear Peloton (+ Community) – I’ve completely drunk the kool-aid, and you know what? I am fine with it. You’ve been the best investment of 2021 and the reason why I have stayed reasonably sane through everything. If exercise and community can do this, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Dear Tr*mp –  why do I still have to address you? Why can’t you just disappear into the ether? Nobody needs – or wants – a repeat of the last four years. We’re all still trying to clean up your mess, so please do us all a favor and take your self-important a** to the golf course (and just stay there).

Dear holidays – I am hoping you’ll be able to make up a tiny bit for yet another hard year. I need some peace and calm before we transition to a new year with new hope and renewed resilience.

Dear coffee – you’re the reason I get out of bed in the morning. You know that, right?

Dear duplex – sometimes I curse you for the limited space, the drafty windows, the old kitchen, but I am also thankful that you’ve kept us comfortable, warm, safe, and protected during the pandemic. I don’t take this for granted.

Dear Internet – you’ve been a true lifesaver making FaceTime with family and friends possible during a time when we can’t see each other in person. Where would I be without you?

What letters would you like to put out into the universe today?

  1. Love this !!!! All of the above!!!

  2. Yours are all perfect! I love how you write “Tr*mp” like it’s a swearword, ha ha. Yes, there’s a lot wrong right now but there are good things, like Peloton, the internet, and caffeine. We will get through this! The political situation unfortunately will probably get worse before it gets better… but we’ll get through it.

    1. Well, Tr*mp is a swear word, isn’t it? ;)

  3. Yes! Maybe I need to copy this and send one too so the universe can hear us. I am not sure what I would address. Definitely the vaccination part. Also probably some kindness and empathy to the human race. That would solve so many issues.

    1. Kindness and empathy is always a good thing to ask for from the universe! It would indeed make a lot of things easier.

  4. Boy, do I agree with this! Especially the points about how broken my country has become. It’s beyond sad, it’s dangerous. We need to get past Tr*mp, radicalism and COVID. I join you in hoping 2022 is more “normal.”

    1. There’s a lot of work to be done in this country. I do feel a little helpless sometimes as to how I can be an advocate for good, but I try.

  5. Ugh this country is so broken. It’s so maddening and it’s hard to have hope that things will improve. I have to balance following the news with taking care of my mental health (but I recognize my privilege in being able to not follow the news at times).

    My letter: Dear Christmas Tree – thank you for bringing some much-needed joy and brightness to our home. It’s early for you to be up, but we needed the dose of positivity.

  6. Yes, yes, yes. I agree with all of these! The Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal was maddening, but not surprising. The way the judge acted in that case is despicable.

    I’m so worried about Trump getting reelected. Ugh. Someone who gets impeached twice in one presidency (and embroiled in so many g-d crimes and scandals) should NOT be eligible for the presidency again!

  7. All. Of. This. You already knew that, I suspect. But oh, I am with you on every one of these.
    COVID…just go away. Same with the Orange Menace. Just go. away.
    I am probably going to change my plans so I won’t see my family for a pre-Christmas visit. I am back to not wanting to go out at all because my state has such large groups of unvaccinated people. I am doomscrolling the news – again – terrified that we’re going to have O.M. 2 – back and worse than ever.
    I can’t fix these things. It helps, though, to know that there are others who share my thoughts, and who are trying to fight back against what seems like an endless wave of… suck. Except the coffee. Coffee never sucks. OK, and I can get behind the internet and a warm, safe home. So there you go. It’s not all bad I guess! :D

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