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This week, I am linking up again with  Kookyrunner and Zenaida  for Tuesday Topics. Today we’re sharing our “home gym”.

I have to put that in quotation marks, because my “home gym” can hardly be called anything more than a small “workout area”. We live in a 1-bedroom apartment and when I got my spin bike, we had to fit into the living room. Not ideal, but there was no other place to put it (besides the garage, but I couldn’t see myself working out in the garage in the winter).

I also have a yoga mat, yoga blocks, a foam roller, some weights and resistance bands that are stashed away in a corner, which I have to get out every day if I need to use them. I don’t really have the space to leave things out.

Ever since I quit going to the gym, I do all my runs outdoors (although I sometimes wish I had a treadmill) and then use the bike and mat for cross training at home in our living room.

I am pretty sure there are others out there in my situation, but I will live vicariously through all of you who have a dedicated space for a home gym and I am definitely dreaming of getting a bigger place some day with a second bedroom that can serve as an office, guest room AND home gym!

Do you have a home gym or are you winging it like me? 

  1. Whether it’s a “home gym” or a “workout area”, it’s still a great place for you to get in a good sweat!
    Thanks for linking up :)

  2. 1-bedroom apartment here too!
    I have a box with very similar items like you: a mat, a foam roller, rubber bands, and two sets of weights. It works!
    I like your spin bike. It doesn’t matter that it’s in your front room – I’m sure it’s a great conversation piece.

    1. I haven’t thought of it as a conversation piece, as we didn’t have too many people over lately, but you’re so right! :)

  3. While it’s nice to have the space for all the stuff, the bottom line is having the motivation and drive to make the workouts happen. Even though I have a small area in the basement for my stationary bike and elliptical, that little space is also home to several storage boxes LOL It definitely looks (and feels) more like a catch-all than a fitness room, but I’m grateful for it none the less.

    1. Yes, having the motivation and drive to make the workouts happen is more important than anything. Thanks for putting that in perspective! :)

  4. I mean, we make do with what we have right?? I think you did a great job of incorporating the gym into your space and personally I like that you move equipment in and out when it’s in use but that’s my inner type A personality seeping through lol.

    1. Thanks my friend. You’re right – I don’t mind moving the equipment, as I also like to have it tidy :)

  5. Most of our family room is my exercise room — we really don’t use it for much else. It’s a decent sized room, but not super large, either. However it does have my treadmill! This is my treadmill’s second home (and fourth repair). Yup, I’ve had it almost as long as my car, LOL!

    1. Wow, that is awesome that you’ve had your treadmill for so long. Despite repairs, it sounds like a good piece of equipment if it held up that long!

  6. A fancy home gym isn’t a requirement for a good workout :) We do what we can, right? I went for a long time without a treadmill, but its definitely my favorite part now (living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, its necessary in the winter!) You have an alternative cardio option, which is more than I have. Running or nothing over here :) Thanks for sharing your space!

    1. Thanks Jessie. You’re absolutely right… I contemplated a treadmill, but went for the exercise bike to have an alternative cardio option (and because sizewise it was just a better fit). But thanks for putting this in perspective. We do what we can is right ;)

  7. I have the same situation as you- just have my bike in a corner of my apartment which works fine :) Gets me to go outside more often anyway!

  8. I am totally winging it as well! I just move my weights and mat around from room to room, whatever is convenient for that day. Someday when the kids are grown I’m totally turning one of their rooms into a gym!

    1. Glad to hear you’re also making it work :)

  9. I do have a home gym, and it is combined with our home office, my son’s drum practice space, the laundry room, and the kids’ gaming/ tv area! So, there is always SOMETHING going on in that area!

  10. It is a great setup! I also wish I had a treadmill but no room at all.

  11. My spin bike is shoved in a corner in my bedroom so I feel you on not having a concentrated area for a home gym. I wish I did! It would be so nice. But we do the best we can. :)

  12. I wouldn’t call my set-up a home gym either! It’s in our basement but I have to keep things put away since that is a play area for our kids. I have a beach body membership so use the basement space to do cardio and strength training workouts. I have some weights and a yoga mat and that is it! I’d love to have a treadmill but we don’t really have the space for it and Phil is totally opposed to owning one as he thinks it would not get used enough to justify buying one. I do think I’d use it but don’t feel like arguing for one so I have given up that battle!

  13. I love this! Mine is so similar since, well, I’m in a one-bedroom apartment too. The difference for me is that my bike is a folding bike. Yes, they make them, and yes, it actually works! The challenge was a) getting the (VERY HEAVY) box to my apartment and b) getting it together. So far so good, though, and I’ve had it almost a year and a half. Best pandemic purchase ever. :)
    I am so glad to know that others shoehorn their “gyms” into whatever space they have. I think that highlights how central fitness is to our overall well-being. I know that I am just better overall when I have the chance to move my body – even when it’s -20 out! (I don’t think you have to deal with that, fortunately…)

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