21: Letters to the Universe

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2020

Letters to the Universe

Dear 2020 – you’ve been a real brat. I know, I know, Covid is one thing. Maybe that wasn’t your fault entirely, but you’ve been piling on big time on a lot of people that are dear to my heart, and I kinda had it with you, TBH. Can you just stop being so awful? Can we at least have the holiday season without any more bad news?  

Dear Covid – while I am at it, could you just go tf away?

Dear fellow citizens – please act responsibly during the holidays. I know, it’s hard to not see family and friends, but remember there are lots of people who sometimes – for other reasons – can’t see family or friends for the holidays (like me!) and they make it through the holidays somehow, too. Which means, so can you. Isn’t it worth it to you to bite the bullet and skip family gatherings this year, so you can see your family members for many more years to come?

Dear body – thank you for being healthy and strong and (mostly) willing to do what I ask you to. You fall asleep easily (most of the time), you haven’t given me any worrisome aches and pains, and you generally happily support my active lifestyle. I know, sometimes I am not kind and I could treat you better, but I try to not take you for granted, ever.

Dear Tr*mp –  for the love of God, concede and go away already. Don’t make this harder (and more embarrassing) than it already is. You lost. Be a man. It’s time to face the music.  

Dear holidays  – I am hoping you’ll be able to make up a tiny bit for everything that’s been hard and awful this year. Even if we’re all doing things socially distanced. Let’s make it nice. Are you ready?

Dear fellow NaBloPoMo-ers – how are you doing? We’ve made it 2/3 through the month and it looks like you’ve all been doing a great job! 

What letters would you like to put out into the universe today?

  1. I love this and I’m inspired by your commitment to NaBloPoMo!!! I always look forward to your posts when I finally have time to sit down and catch up!!

    Cosigned on Tr*mp, Covid and 2020.

  2. Oh yes many bullet points I would have to agree here.
    As for NaBloPoMo I am struggling today. I have started some 5 blogpost today but can not finish one. Either boring, technical issues (since when doesn’t work embedding links anymore) or just can’t focus.
    I guess I’ll try tomorrow to write something and just go enjoy a book now.

  3. Co-signing pretty much all of these! I’m disappointed that so many are putting their personal preferences (how they want to spend the holidays) over what is best for the greater good. But I am not surprised because 2020 has shown how selfish a lot of people are… you can still have a special holiday even if you don’t go to a bigger family celebration!

    Trump needs to concede. What an embarrassment. What’s more frustrating is how few people are willing to stand up to him. He’s such a bully, though, so people are afraid of him which is really sad. I was glad that they let the transition process begin last night. It’s about time. Go away, Don.

  4. Just… ditto. To ALL of this. It’s been A. Year. Time for it to go. I may stay up til midnight for once, to make sure it does… just like I’ll be hanging on the electoral college results like I never have before… sigh. Hang in there.

  5. I’m happy I found you through NABLOPOMO! Great list, necessary reminder to be thankful for our gifts even in the face of adversity.

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