23: Grateful

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Stephany has linked to a set of gratitude prompts in previous years (and she’s doing the prompts again this year) and I thought it would be fun to pick some of the original 30 prompts to answer here today on Thanksgiving Day to reflect and express some gratitude.

The best thing I smelled today was coffee. It’s just the best damn smell in the world.

At this moment, the things I love most about my family are our FaceTime calls a few times a week. We started doing more video calls during the pandemic (before, we usually just talked on the phone), but it really is the next best thing if we can’t be together in person. It makes me feel like I am (almost) physically with them, even when we’re 6000 miles apart. Most often, I talk with my parents and my sister – about 3x per week – and it’s so lovely to have this time with them. Just the four of us.

In this moment, the thing I love most about my friends is that most of my closest friends live far away from me but know how to keep our friendship thriving. I don’t take this for granted because I know enough people who struggle with long-distance friendships.

I’m grateful that my eyes let me see sunsets at the beach. I always forget how calm and magical these moments are.

Something that made me smile today was kids playing in a big pile of leaves. Jon and I went for our own afternoon ‘Turkey Trot’ Walk and the streets and the park was almost deserted, but there were some kids in front of one of the houses playing in a pile of leaves and it was the cutest thing.

Something I would never change about myself is my love for running. It’s something that I discovered rather late despite being physically active all my life, but it’s now such an integral part of my being that I can not remember a time when it wasn’t. A run never fails to lift my mood and make me feel strong.

When I look around my home, I’m grateful for new kitchen floors (haha), the most comfortable bed (a Tempurpedic!) and my Peloton.

The best thing I tasted today was the apple cake that I baked this morning.

Thank goodness someone taught me how to cook and bake. I cook almost every day, but on a day like today, I particularly love being in the kitchen and preparing a meal for us. Jon always jokes that our relationship wouldn’t have happened if one of us hadn’t cared about good food.

I love going online to come and see what’s up in your world! Even though I haven’t met most of you, I feel such a strong connection and friendship to the people in this community. Thank you for being here and also sharing part of your world with me!

When I look around at the world, I’m grateful for good people. It’s really hard to be a human in this world right now, so much seems to be going wrong and there’s so much terror, violence, and injustice. But there are good people out there. Many of them. The give me hope.

I’m most grateful for my ability to see the half glass full. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get frustrated, sad, or disappointed occasionally, but I can usually pull myself out of a hole pretty quickly. I have a hard time with naysayers and always, always focus on the positive, if at all possible.

What is one thing you’re grateful for today?

  1. This is a great list. That Apple cake looks amazing. I am grateful that all my kids were home for Thanksgiving. We spent the day together and it was so enjoyable. There were times when our oldest struggled which resulted in him not speaking to us. We still wish he would choose to address his ADHD and anxiety, but having him (and all the kids) in our lives makes my heart happy.

  2. Isn’t this lovely, San! I’m with you on the coffee smell! Maybe it’s not my favourite smell but it means I will be consuming delicious coffee!

  3. That beach sunset picture is just gorgeous. And I love coffee and yummy cake and have been fortunate enough to enjoy both this week.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Also. We might need to upgrade our bed, so I may reach out about Tempurpedic feedback!

  4. Oh, that apple cake. Every time you post about your apple cake recipe I want to make it!

    Today I am grateful that there are leftover mashed potatoes to eat.

  5. Today I am grateful for a good night’s sleep in my own bed and the quiet of our house. LOL.

  6. My brother was here all week, and while it was nice to see him, I am relieved to have the weekend to reset after his visit. I got so discombobulated!

  7. Your apple cake really looks amazing!! I am grateful for my health. There have been times when my RA has not been well managed but right now it’s in a good spot thanks to some medication changes. I’m so glad I haven’t had flares for awhile.

  8. I love these post. How wonderful that you get to. talk to your family 3x a week. I don’t do that this often. Sometimes not even every week.

    “It’s really hard to be a human in this world right now” this one hit home. It is so so tough right now.

    I am also very happy to have this blogging community. I have been doing it almost for my self for so many years but. in recent years more readers come a long and it. is so wonderful.

  9. Oh wow, that apple cake! I’m grateful for all the fantastic tour guides that we’ve had on this trip that have helped us learn so much about the places we’ve been visiting while away

  10. I love this! What a wonderful list of things to be thankful for. I am just grateful I was able to be with my family at Thanksgiving and see my cousin who is really dealing with a lot right now, as the sole caretaker to my uncle.

  11. I love posts like this. Lovely sunset picture and that apple cake looks delicious!

  12. Isn’t it just still such a marvel we can do facetime and see our loved ones that are so far away? When I lived in Italy Skype was just becoming a thing so I did all phone calls to Steven and I wonder what it would be like if we’d been able to see each other’s faces!

    I love that you have long distance friends who do the work. Like you said, MANY don’t

  13. love posts like these. just lift up my spirit! :)
    long distance friends calls/FT is so nice, I should schedule some soon.

  14. San, thank you for sharing what’s bringing you joy right now, and what you’re grateful for. It’s so uplifting to read others’ posts like this. <3

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